Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to School Day 1: Something about me...

I know I have been silent in my blog for a few days now, but trust me, I have my reasons.  I will share with you in some other post.  I will continue to be silent for few more days, especially with my reviews.  But, when something good turns up, I can't resist to participate, even though I have so minimum time.

Today is DAY 1 of this challenge.

DAY 1: It’s time to stand up in front of the class and share with the rest of us a little bit about you.

I am an Indian book blogger.  I have been blogging for more than 2 years now.

I have not been active in blogging for a few days now and I am still not.  I have come to terms with myself that I can't be in the same mood all days of the year and it's okay, if I don't want to blog or review for some time.  I still love to read and I keep reading.  I just don't like to sit and write something in my computer.

I have been married for nearly 2 years now (tomorrow is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary) with the only guy I ever loved.  I still can't believe it's been two years; time flies fast.  It's just been like I fell in love with this guy only yesterday.

And then we are both IT professionals and that's how we met - yes, we are colleagues.  So, things are good at my job.  I have some great friends at work and most of them are my college mates.  We got placed at the same company in our final year of college.  So, it's pretty fun to work with your friends.  But, things can get tough here sometimes when deadlines have to be met and the rope is around your neck.  For now, my job and family is smooth and cool and I feel content.

With a full time job, it's tough to find some time to read; but I manage them during travel mostly.  My travel time is nearly two hours.  I have many audio books at office and this helps me so much.

Apart from this, I am a certified non-vegetarian and so lazy at doing household works.  I hate to clean or dust things.  I love my cooking.  I would rather sleep in my weekend than sit up and clean my house.  But, things has to be done and I do clean when I am alone and when I am not in the mood to read.  Of course, my husband is a darling when it comes to helping me (but if he is not in the good moods, he can be a devil).  We both love to curl up and sleep all day in the weekends.

So, as you see, it's a bit lazy but happy family. :)

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