Saturday, 30 November 2013


Hello!  Here is the much awaited (at least for me) Christmas event - "Magical Christmas with MORE Books".  This event will feature authors from December 1st to December 25th.  And every day, there will be a lot of giveaways - I have nearly 100 books to give away to you.  All these authors are so cool and great and you would be happy to know them more, this Christmas.  And you really can't miss these authors..

The event starts tomorrow and the giveaway rules will be pretty simple.  Don't forget to share the button and follow me with email, RSS or blogloving to know what is happening in the blog.   And please free to share the button/banner to others.

I hope everyone gets a lot of books this Christmas.

Thanks to all the authors and publishers, who support this event.  And of course, to all the readers!

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Friday, 29 November 2013

People are thankful everywhere around the world! Happy Turkey Day!

So, yesterday, I posted a question in my blog stating that "What are you thankful for, in recent times?"  And the comments made me smile many times and appreciate the people around the world.  I just got a few and posted here, so that you will feel the same way as I do - happy, thankful and content - at least during these few minutes!


Health & Family/Friends

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For! (Traditional Style)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the girls at "The Broke and the Bookish".

Today, we are going to see the top 10  Things I Am Thankful For!  (Traditional Style)  

  1. My family, of course.

I could not have been the best daughter to my parents.  But, my parents are the best.   They gave the best in everything to me, even if it is beyond their own dreams.  Love you, Mom and Dad!  I am sorry for so many things and I know I had hurt you to get what I wanted (I know I can be adamant if wanted).  But, I still love you and will, always!  And do you know that my mom makes the best biryani in all the world (okay, I have tasted all in the world, but it's reallllllllllllly good)? 

My brother - well, in my eyes, my brother has been a cute kid to me, my first and best friend, the most supporting brother and now, I started to adore him at times.  We never fight..for anything. And that's mainly because when I want something, he will give it for me readily, although he is 6 years younger than me and I should have been the one to be more caring, forgiving and more ready to give up things for him.  Yeah, I think I have been his best friend too.  I think he loves me too, as much as I love him.

And well, if you have been following my blog, most of you should know that my husband is another biggest thing that I am thankful for.  So, not going to go inside details.

God, thanks for giving all these persons in my life.  Yeah, I have been scared at so many times.  But, thanks for being there for me.

  1. My friends

Consider it to be my school, college, office or blogging friends.  Yeah, we had our differences and fights, but what relationship doesn't. 

I don't have many friends from bookish world, mainly because I am in India and the timings are a big pain.  But, recently I got to know Pandora from Peace from Pieces (also the owner of Orangeberry Book Tours) and it's nice to chat with someone who lives so distant from me and the person whom you have never met in person and still trust them.  I seriously need to go out of my timeline issues and be more social (maybe this will make my 2014 bookish goals?)

  1. Technology

Well, you know the reasons.  Without it, I am done. 

  1. My Kindle

Well, yes, this may as well be my third hand.  Because of Kindle, my buddy (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't know how much book I am having and they can't tease about it (not that I care).   And yes, the main reason: I can carry thousand books everywhere.

  1. Authors and Publishers

I will name everyone of them if you want, but that may take a separate week of posts (nice idea?  I will think about it).  But, you know they are the one who makes my every day more adventure-filled, fun-filled, tear-filled….

  1. Books

Yes, books..well, they are magic.  And you all know we can't live without it.  You know, I am listening to HP audio version….again...for the umpteenth time...and they still amaze me.

  1. The company I am working in

This is not because they pay my bills, but that's where I met the love of my life, who is now my husband.  I am extremely thankful for this.

  1. The happiness of my home and the comfort of my bed

I just love love love my home (although you would come and see that it's a complete mess with no order) and my bed (where I read at night and until morning).

  1. My own laptop and my husband's PC

I recently bought my own laptop and we both already have a PC at home.  They are both very fast and I love them both.  I made my laptop as personalized as possible and I am still doing more changes in it.  I told you I love technology.

  1. Well, yes, you!  The readers and the book blogging community.

When I first started this blog, I was afraid because I am not a social person and I don't like to go out and speak to persons I am not familiar with.  Many of you have helped me over these two years and I am extremely grateful for those times.  And readers' support is what will keep you motivated.  And although I am guilty many times for the real time situations taking priority over my blogging, you are still there when I come again.  And thanks of that.

What are you thankful for?  Share with me...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A FREE Book & this week's "In My Mailbox"

"In My Mailbox" is a weekly meme hosted by "The Story Siren".

So, these are the books that I received last week for review.

1.  Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison - Young adult, Contemporary Romance - Released on January 28th, 2014
Thank you, Harlequin Teen!

Buy @ Amazon

2.  Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis - Contemporary Romance - Released on November 5th, 2013
Thank you, Random House Publishing (Forever)!

Below are the various cover arts for this book.  Which one do you like better?

Buy @ Amazon

"3.  Before We Fall by Courtney Cole - Contemporary Romance - Released on December 3rd, 2013
Thank you, Random House Publishing (Forever)!

Buy @ Amazon

4.  A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods - Contemporary Romance - Released on September 24th 2013
Thank you, Harlequin MIRA!

Buy @ Amazon

5.  Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur - Paranormal Romance - Released on January 28th, 2014.
Review copy from Random House Publishing Group (Bantam Dell).  Thank you!

Buy @ Amazon

6.  The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park by Teko Bernard - Middle Grade - Released on November 14th, 2013
Review copy from Book Publicity Services.  Thank you!

Get your copy for FREE from Amazon!!!

Thanks Sourcebooks, Disney-Hyperion, HarperCollins, HarperTeen and Pocket Books for the review copies!

What do you think about my book haul?  Anything interests you?  What did you buy/receive last week?

Saturday, 23 November 2013

5 STAR ARC Review: Rumor Has It by Jill Shalvis - MUST read contemporary romance!

Books like these are why I love to read romances.  These are hope, fun and an absolute enjoyment.

Original Title: Rumor Has It
Series: Animal Magnetism #4
Author: Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Source: Review copy from the publisher
Genre: Contemporary Romance

He’ll help unleash the new woman in her…

Special Ops soldier Griffin Reid doesn’t exactly have happy memories of growing up in Sunshine, Idaho. He’s only come back to recover from a war injury, and while he refuses to admit he’s in a weakened state, he finds comfort in the last person he’d expect.

Kate Evans teaches fourth grade science in Sunshine, the place she’s always called home. Dreaming of graduate school and a happily-ever-after, she’s desperate to break out of the monotony of Sunshine. Luckily, a certain sexy man has just come back into her life.

To Griffin, Kate as always been his little sister’s friend, but now he’s finding her to be so much more. As both attempt to forge their paths, they must decide if their passionate connection can turn into something lasting…


Kate is one seriously fun, smart, kind, strong and hot heroine.   And she is a second grade teacher.  And a very good one at that.  Who dated only once in her life before and that happens to be her best friend, Ryan.  When Griffin, her best friend Holly's brother and her only crush since childhood, comes back to Sunshine, Idaho, having been injured at military, there was an instant attraction.  Things didn't help when she tried to seduce Griffin and he refused it. 

Griffin is a Special Ops soldier.  And okay, yeah, he was smoking hot.  And he is injured and have severe migraines at times.  He just want to see his dad and make things right; and attend his sister's wedding celebration and move on.  But, there is a serious problem and the name is Kate.  Until then, Kate was just his little sister's friend.  But, the feelings when he is around Kate confuse him and he just tries to move away from 'sweet' Kate, afraid of hurting her.  Well, such hot chemistry can't be fought. 

I have not read any of the other books in this series, but I don't need to.  Although there are old characters popping up (I read the synopsis of the previous novel and the names matched), it doesn't have anything to do with the plot of this novel. 

The characters were all amazing; except for that child's father - he is a jerk.  I loved Kate, who takes care of her family - dad, her brother Tommy and her sister Ashley - and everyone she comes across. She loves taking care of them.  And even when her dream scholarship comes to her, she has rejected twice.   And I think she is the best, when she handles the kids. 

"Please don't make me climb up there.  Because I will, and you both know I hate heights.  I might cry all over the both of you." 

And the random science facts that she keeps saying when she is nervous will make you crack up. 

And there is no need to say much about Griffin.  He is the perfect guy for Kate, being all careful and caring for Kate, which is new to Kate.  He is not a good teenager; but he tries to make things right with his family.  What is all with these Alpha males and Jill Shalvis?  She creates the perfect characters.  I am already in love with half of those Alpha men in Lucky Harbour, and now Sunshine too? 

All well, the other characters are really great too.  Especially Tommy, Kate's brother.  That boy is so innocent and cute.. 

"Your shoes are on the wrong feet," she said. Tommy looked down at himself. Kate waited. But Tommy just scratched his head.  "But I don't have any other feet." "Fair enough," Kate said.  "Let's go." 

The romance - well, this novel is by the Queen of Contemporary Romance - so obviously the romance is perfect. 

Do I even have to say it?  It's Jill Shalvis - and that, by default, means it's a MUST read contemporary romance.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

7-POINTER Review: Waterfell by Amalie Howard

7-Pointer Review is my version of a quick review in just about 7 points, a conclusion and my feeling at the end of my read with a picture.  I have so many books to review that I have already read and so much more books to read.  So, I am sorry for making some reviews short (which will be monthly once or twice).  But, don't worry, I will try to get it all out.

Original Title: Waterfell
Series: The Aquarathi #1
Author: Amalie Howard
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: October 29th 2013
Source: Review copy from the publisher
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young-adult


Nerissa Marin hides among teens in her human form, waiting for the day she can claim her birthright—the undersea kingdom stolen from her the day her father was murdered. Blending in is her best weapon—until her father's betrayer confronts Nerissa and challenges her to a battle to the death on Nerissa's upcoming birthday—the day she comes of age.

Amid danger and the heartbreak of her missing mother, falling for a human boy is the last thing Nerissa should do. But Lo Seavon breaches her defenses and somehow becomes the only person she can count on to help her desperate search for her mother, a prisoner of Nerissa's mortal enemy. Is Lo the linchpin that might win Nerissa back her crown? Or will this mortal boy become the weakness that destroys her?


1. Selfish protoganist, Nerissa, with a huge (like really really huge) responsibility (DISLIKE)
2. Charming and mysterious boyfriend, Lo
3. Amazing friendship and loyalty (LOVE LOVE LOVE Jenna)
4. Evil queen trying to kill everyone (who also has a whole round of mystery to herself)
5. Brilliant world-building (would have loved to know more about Aquarathi) and original plot (LOVE)
6. So many mysteries and twists in the plot keep you hooked
8. Refreshing, engaging, action-packed wild ride with potential to a great series.

The originiality in the plot is the strong point here.  More than anything, I give it to all the characters (other than Rissa) for such an incredible ride.  And as there is still a lot of mystery to solve, I will definitely be continue reading the series.

Friday, 15 November 2013

ARC Review: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Isaiah's book - the happy ending of another troubled teen - was much awaited by the fans of "Pushing the Limits" series, especially after Beth broke his heart so terribly. 

Original Title: Crash Into You
Series: Pushing the Limits #3
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: November 26th, 2013
Source: Review copy from the publisher
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From acclaimed author Katie McGarry comes an explosive new tale of a good girl with a reckless streak, a street-smart guy with nothing to lose, and a romance forged in the fast lane 

The girl with straight As, designer clothes and the perfect life-that's who people expect Rachel Young to be. So the private-school junior keeps secrets from her wealthy parents and overbearing brothers...and she's just added two more to the list. One involves racing strangers down dark country roads in her Mustang GT. The other? Seventeen-year-old Isaiah Walker-a guy she has no business even talking to. But when the foster kid with the tattoos and intense gray eyes comes to her rescue, she can't get him out of her mind. 

Isaiah has secrets, too. About where he lives, and how he really feels about Rachel. The last thing he needs is to get tangled up with a rich girl who wants to slum it on the south side for kicks-no matter how angelic she might look. 

But when their shared love of street racing puts both their lives in jeopardy, they have six weeks to come up with a way out. Six weeks to discover just how far they'll go to save each other.


Isaiah was a bad boy, an orphan even though he has a mom and made with an attitude that would make you whimper.  This was him, until the second book of the series, "Dare You To".  Only in this book, we see that he is terribly damaged, lonely and caring on the inside.  Well, the guy needs money and he drag races.  There comes Rachel, who is also racing, for the first time in her life.  The story starts from there at full speed with high torque.

Isaiah's mom has come out of jail and still hadn't seen him and I just hate her for hurting our guy no matter her stupid reasons.  And Rachel's family... well, I feel so angry just thinking about them.  Not one soul to stand up for Rachel and tell that she is still having panic attacks, every time she is in front of a crowd.  I can't blame her to be away from them, escaping into her car, which is her only safe haven.  I felt sorry for her, but at the same time, felt proud when she had the courage to drag race, cut classes, fall in love with Isaiah and stand up to her family.

The romance between Isaiah and Rachel is like... boom!  *Sparks fly, cars crash, buildings blow* boom!  The couple impressed me. They are both already grown up, unlike most characters in other novels.  But, they had been through so much that they forgot to live.  They definitely needed each other.  I just swooned when Isaiah said this:

"You can ignore me, Rachel, and you can try to treat me as a friend, but none of that will erase the fact that I think about kissing you every second I'm awake and dream at night of my hands on your body. And it sure as hell won't erase that I'm terrified by how much I like you."

I am not much into cars, but this novel made me feel otherwise.  Maybe, those machineries are not for me, but, I definitely see them differently now.

It's great to see the old characters, as in every series.  I am not a big fan of Noah and Echo, but I loved Ryan and Beth, and now, much more impressed with Isaiah and Rachel.  I will definitely continue with the series.

The ending was perfect.  At one time, there was a smart writing where I thought..well, wait, this is a spoiler.  Anyway, the climax was great.

Good work, Katie!  One of my favorite romances this year!  A compelling read!

You want me to sum it up?  Here it is!

Image source:

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Top Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign - aka - Top Ten Popular Books with Bad Covers

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the girls at "The Broke and the Bookish".

Today, we are going to see the top 10 book covers that I wish I could redesign..

All these books are books that I LOVED reading, but think if the covers are better, it would be good..

1. Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

2. Bossypants by Tina Fey

3.  The Mediator series by Meg Cabot

4. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

5. The Giver by Lois Lowry

6. If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

7. Ptolemy's Gate by Jonathan Stroud

8. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #1) by Molly Harper

9. The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #2) by Molly Harper

10. How To Run With A Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #3) 

Just one more........

Anne of Green Gables Collection
(for crying out loud, Anne is a plucky red-headed farm girl - does that match anywhere with the picture???)

Now, it's your turn... Share your top 10 list and I will come see you there..  

Or just comment about your bad covers.  I would love to see them. :)

Monday, 11 November 2013


2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge is being hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun and Reanna @ Phantasmic Reads!  Sign up here, if you are interested!

So, yes, the challenges for the next year are started.  In 2013, I didn't enter any challenges because I just want to read at my leisure, what with my marriage and other changes in my life.

But, now, I am able to organize things properly between family and books, I am going to enter a lot of challenges (that I know I will be able to keep up).

And people who know me already know that whenever more review copies arrive, I feel that guilt inside me. I know I am trying my maximum to read the books, but still there is always more (not complaining about the books, but the time).  So, when I saw this challenge, I am sure this will more motivating.  So, here it is...

CHALLENGE:  I am going to try for "Master" challenge, where I read 21-30 books from my review copies.  But, am sure, I will read more than this.. :)

So, what are you aiming for?  How many books could you read in a year - challenge or no-challenge?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

In My Mailbox - Thanks @Sourcebooks, @DisneyHyperion, @Pocket_Books‎‎ and @HarperCollins‎!

"In My Mailbox" is a weekly meme hosted by "The Story Siren".

So, these are the books that I received last week for review.

1.  The Dirt Diary
2.  Glitter Girl
3.  Oh My Godmother The Magic Mistake

4. Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen
5.  Seven Wonders (2) - Lost in Babylon
6.  Star Darlings Sage's Story

7. How To Run With A Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #3)
8. All That Glows

Thanks Sourcebooks, Disney-Hyperion, HarperCollins, HarperTeen and Pocket Books for the review copies!

What do you think about my book haul?  Anything interests you?  What did you buy/receive last week?

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