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Review: The Magic Poof by Stephen Hodges

Original Title: The Magic Poof
Author: Stephen Hodges
Publisher: Xilbris Corporation
Release Date: June 26th 2013
Source: From Elite Book Promotions
Genre: Children's Picture Books

Seven year old Ange-Marie has always felt different. Who wouldn't when your best friend is literally attached to you? The Poof is a great ball of curly hair that sits directly on top of Ange-Marie's head. His magical and playful nature always seems to produce mischief and adventure. In book one of The Magic Poof series, Ange-Marie must decide what to wear for school picture day. But The Poof also wants to look good for picture day! How does Ange-Marie look her best and keep her enchanted and hairy friend a secret? In the end, both The Poof and Ange-Marie find that compromise is the key in any friendship.


Ange-Marie is different from the regular kids, because she has a magic poof attached to her already curly hair.  It can speak to her and can shape itself into different objects.  They both have fun together, without telling the outside world.  It was the school picture day and the magic poof wants to look good in the picture too.  But Ange-Marie tries to tell her friend that it will give them away.  In the end, their friendship is what wins.

A cute children's picture book, which says about the friendship and innocence of a young girl, Ange-Marie with her magic poof.  It's natural flow and amazing illustrations will attract the little ones for a good nice read.  This will be a good pick for book clubs as well.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

In My Habitat - Guest Post by Randi Everheart + Giveaway


Author: Randi Everheart
Title: Tristan
Series: A Kendall Family Novel #1
Release Date: December 23rd, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Createspace

Five years ago, Tristan Kendall left home and the woman he loved to prove himself on the sport bike racing circuit. With his career briefly on hold, he’s come to realize everything - and everyone - he ever wanted was right at home all along. Now he’s determined to win back her heart no matter the cost.

But Victoria Lane’s been through more than Tristan knows since he broke her heart. No longer the girl he once knew, she has a life to live, and a heart to give, but only to someone who’s planning to stick around. And she’s sure that isn’t him. Can he convince her that she’s the only victory lane he wants to be in? 



- Guest Post by Randi Everheart

Thanks for having me!

I’ve been writing for many years and have gone through a few desks in my time.  But I’m now happy to report that I am desk-free!  Laptops are so much easier to work on and I do NOT miss my desktop computer.  That said, sometimes I need more quiet than I typically get and retire to my recording studio, taking the laptop with me.  

Yes, I’m also a musician, one who’s recorded a few CDs over the years, though I confess to not having much time anymore.  I have to choose between fiction and music, usually, and used to put music first.  But now fiction is front and center!

Since I work on a laptop now, I don’t really have a desk, unless you want to consider my lap one.  That’s where the magic happens – whether there’s a computer there or not ;)

One of the reasons I need more peace and quiet sometimes is my toddler, who I watch after work while trying to write, too.  He’s very self-sufficient with play.  In fact, when I get down on the floor with him, he gives me about 5 minutes before deciding he’s bored with me and wants to do something else.  It works out pretty well, normally, allowing me to write and hang out with him at the same time.

But I certainly have to stop mid-sentence to help him at times.  Or give him a bottle, change him, or comfort him after a tumble.  And here is his latest handiwork, a broken window that’s still boarded up while I wait for the insurance guys to get it fixed:

He broke it right in front of me while I was writing a sentence.  I was just about to tell him to stop tapping on the glass with his plastic golf club when it shattered.  He was okay, but the window wasn’t!

So that’s my current view as I’m writing right now.  It’s darker now, too, because I leave the curtains closed to prevent him from playing with the boarded up window – that already gave him a splinter!  One table is now in front of it to bar the way.  It’s certainly not the first time we’ve rearranged the room for him.

This is the chair I sit in while writing; it’s also been moved from its usual position due to the kiddo, but that’s been true so long I don’t remember where it used to be!  It’s a recliner and has cup holders for water (and wine).  I used to write on the couch you see behind it until the recliner handle broke a while ago and the spouse and I just can’t around to fixing it.  Funny how every errand takes a long time to do with a toddler around, but my writing takes priority over some household stuff.

I sometimes get my best writing done during his naps or after bedtime, not surprisingly.  Or when my spouse takes over.  I try to get computer errands like promotional stuff done when I’m more distracted.  It’s a life.



Randi Everheart is an avid author of romance, due in no small part to being a diehard romantic.  After all, Randi once wrote a song for the object of a crush and penned a fifty page love letter for another! The same spirit now flows into these stories – hopefully to win your heart!

Randi has a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar but has always been more of a rocker, having released several albums under another name.  Tendonitis in both arms ended career plans in music, leading to a new career as a software developer. Today Randi co-owns a software consulting firm and lives in the Maryland suburbs north of D.C., is married, and loves spending time with son Ryan when not writing, playing guitar or golf, or writing smut.

AUTHOR LINKS: Website | Twitter | Facebook



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