Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lulu in LA LA Land by Elisabeth Wolf | ARC Review

Have you ever doubted that you are not spending enough time with your family?  Worse, do you have your priorities wrong - something over family?  You should read this...

Original Title: Lulu in LA LA Land
Author: Elisabeth Wolf
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Release Date: August 6th 2013
Source: ARC from publisher
Genre: Middle Grade

Lights! Camera! ACTION! Lulu, a soon-to-be 11-year-old living in Los Angeles, prefers gardening to primping and homemade guacamole to five-star restaurants. You'd never know that Lulu is the daughter of Hollywood's A-List power couple. This year Lulu is determined to throw the kind of birthday party her glamorous parents might actually attend (which means Watson the pug is not invited). But it's so not Lulu. Should she morph into the Tween Queen of Tinseltown or stay true to her book-loving, mis-matched socks self?

Fall in love with Lulu as she tells her story in an innovative script-novel hybrid. After all, everyone is LA is writing a screenplay!


11-year old Lulu has everything.  She is the second daughter of Hollywood's most famous director mom and actor dad. Obviously, she have no problem with money as well.  Lulu don't like all this LA things like shopping, make-up, etc.  She is content with cleaning the beaches, gardening with her best friend Sophia, dressing all things orange and reading every possible book at hand.

But, her one problem is her time with her parents.  So, when her birthday arrives, she is so determined to make her parents come for her birthday party, which they have never attended so far.  She is even ready to work with her Queenbee sister, Alexis, to plan the Spa-tacular party, which her parents will like; even accepting to give up her favorite color, orange, for the invitations.  But, everything shatters, when her parents were nominated for Oscar and the Oscar award ceremony is happening right on her birthday.  So, how is smart Lulu and the Queenbee Lex going to pull out this thing?

I loved this plot.  It's more important to today's men and women.  They never understand that "spending time with children is more important than spending money on children".


I know money is important; but not more than your family and definitely not more than your children.  That message was well provided and received as well.  It will be a whip-lash to the parents who leave their children at home without proper care and a reminder to others that this situation should never occur to our own children.

The characters were so adorable.  All of them.  Lulu, Lex, Sophia, Jenna, Elena (Lulu's momny - mommy+nanny), Lulu's parents and her dog, Watson.  I left a few, because I don't want to explain the whole story here, but I like those characters too.  Everybody has that bond of family and friendship in them, that I can't help loving.

The writing is okay for me; not so good or bad.  It could be improved; but seeing this is a debut, this is a good effort on her writing.

I especially loved loved loved the ending.  It was written so delightful that I felt so happy even hours later. Keep it coming, Lulu!

This is not just a children's read.  It's for adults as well, adults who 'should' care more about their family more than anything -- ANYTHING.

Recommended for all ages!

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