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Review: My Mother Sang, The Devil Danced by Madison McGrath

I am kind of confused!  Read on to know more!

Original Title: My Mother Sang, The Devil Danced
Author: Madison McGrath
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: January 21st, 2014
Source: Review copy from the author
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Heston Island is prospering. It has welcomed its new Princess, Gemma Heston, and as she grows and discovers more about Heston Island, she is eager to follow in her father's footsteps. Her biggest goal in life is to one day unite the flourishing and modern South with the North, who has resisted change from the beginning. But to become Queen of Heston, Gemma needs to face her sly, manipulative uncle, Russell Heston. This is a confrontation she cannot avoid.

A fire, an escape and a death gives Russell a chance to be in control of the Island. Heston Island's fate hangs in balance, threatening to tip over the edge and into the depths of anarchy. This is not the dream Gemma's father, the King, envisioned for the future of the Island.

Russell is cunning enough to ensure that Gemma has no way to get to the throne but will Gemma manage to usurp him by the power of truth and fair rule?


This has been a long standing review for me.

It's kind of hard to review this book.

The reasons are:

1.  This plot is not unique.  But, it kind of feels good to see an ordinary story after a long time.  As much as it's great to see uniqueness in a plot, it's equally great to see my childhood plots of friendship, love and vengeance shaping into another book.

2.  The characters had done its part.  Gemma is not my favorite hard-core type, but she is a princess, who is someone ordinary, whose curiosity clouds her mind and whose fear makes her run away.  But, still there is something in her that makes her right her wrongs.  And I like her for it.  And I loved the character of both the heroes (Yes!), but we are not seeing much of them.. and hated those who you are supposed to hate (not giving away anything, see?).

3.  Towards the end, I can see why this book is titled like this.  First, I thought it was..well, something odd to keep book titles like this.  But, it dead-on defined the book in six words (oops, sorry, SPOILER).

4.  Have anyone read books like Champak, Chandamama and Tinkle when you were kids.  I was once crazy about those books.  I used to buy and read them like my life depended on it.  I still love them, but I have much more to read now, so I am in pause-as-kid mode.  But, this book somehow reminded me of those times and I am pretty sure it's the base plotline.  For that feel, I am really happy.

5.  I really really don't agree with this cover.  No, it's not bad, but this book cover could have been much better.  Usually, good book covers create the excitement in the story, without revealing anything about the plot.  And I usually find myself returning to see that cover again and again, while reading.  But, this time, all I was thinking was "why this cover"?  WHY?  Yeah, I judge books based on covers and yes, I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself.

6.  See, I really liked this novel and this novel gave me something that I didn't expect. Simple and straightforward story with all the emotions playing in it.  It surprised me!

7.  While this book started off with a blast (ALERT! It's BAD GUY ADULT!), the pace and action slowed down and it increased again toward the middle and just when I was reading so fast that I don't even notice what page I am in, the pace slowed down again.  I am a lover of fast-paced books and maybe it's my problem.

Do you see what my real problem is, now?

It is kind of difficult to review a book that you really loved, but has some minor flaws.

This book is going to be easy on you.  Generally, a light read means chick-lit and romedy for me.  But, this is neither, and I felt it to be light (except for the preface chapter perhaps and the middle part where 'that' tragedy happens?).

I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind the change in pace of the novel.

3.5 STARS!

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  1. I'm definitely intrigued by the cover, the old car is a nice touch!


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