Thursday, 5 June 2014

Life Of A Blogger: Embarrassing Things

Embarrassing Things???  Huh, actually, I am easily embarrassed, but that often comes out as anger.  These are some of the things that embarrass me..

Public Speaking:
When I was in school/college, I hate this public speaking class.  I still hate it at work, but this is something I have confidence that I can pull it off now.  At that time, I wish the ground would swallow me whole whenever I address the whole class.

Sometimes, a dress that I like doesn't always..well, let's say, can't be wore in public, especially to your workplace.  And of course, when I wear it, I wouldn't have noticed it.  Then, I sit in a bus and think I am good to go, I will just notice that this dress seems inappropriate for the work.  I can't go back to home, I am already late to office.  So, I just have to wear a coat or a shawl and cover it up to get through the day.

This happens especially, when I am asking for holding the baby from it's mother, and it immediately cries when it sees me or when it comes to me.  This is not the actual embarrassment.  If my husband or my brother calls for holding, it just goes to them.  I hate you, baby! (only those babies who doesn't want to be held by me)

So, these are some of them.  What are yours?


  1. Public speaking give me creeps. I'd get all wobbly and shakey even when addressing a little gathering or speaking in front of some senior authority.
    I am a clumsy person so my clumsiness also lands me into various embarrassing situations.

  2. I feel the same way when babies cry when I try to hold them. They then go right back to mama. My best friend's son has never been a fan of me. He's 5, and just now getting to where he'll talk to me.

  3. I hate it when babies cry when I hold them. I don't know what to do and stand there like a lump.


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