Monday, 12 January 2015

Review: The Magic Poof by Stephen Hodges

Original Title: The Magic Poof
Author: Stephen Hodges
Publisher: Xilbris Corporation
Release Date: June 26th 2013
Source: From Elite Book Promotions
Genre: Children's Picture Books

Seven year old Ange-Marie has always felt different. Who wouldn't when your best friend is literally attached to you? The Poof is a great ball of curly hair that sits directly on top of Ange-Marie's head. His magical and playful nature always seems to produce mischief and adventure. In book one of The Magic Poof series, Ange-Marie must decide what to wear for school picture day. But The Poof also wants to look good for picture day! How does Ange-Marie look her best and keep her enchanted and hairy friend a secret? In the end, both The Poof and Ange-Marie find that compromise is the key in any friendship.


Ange-Marie is different from the regular kids, because she has a magic poof attached to her already curly hair.  It can speak to her and can shape itself into different objects.  They both have fun together, without telling the outside world.  It was the school picture day and the magic poof wants to look good in the picture too.  But Ange-Marie tries to tell her friend that it will give them away.  In the end, their friendship is what wins.

A cute children's picture book, which says about the friendship and innocence of a young girl, Ange-Marie with her magic poof.  It's natural flow and amazing illustrations will attract the little ones for a good nice read.  This will be a good pick for book clubs as well.


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