Friday, 14 June 2013

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Green Berets: Chasing the Lost

- Guest Post by Bob Mayer

Thanks for having me guest post on your blog.  I appreciate the opportunity as my 51st title, The Green Berets: Chasing the Lost is now out and #1 in Men’s Adventure, even though a woman is at the core of the story.  Aren’t they always?

-I lived on Hilton Head in the same, old house, my main character, Horace Chase moves into when he arrives on Hilton Head.

-The Gullah have a long and interesting history in the low country.

-Pat Conroy taught school on Dafuskie Island, where my other main character, Dave Riley, lives.

-One of our best friends on the island, was the island bookie, so I learned a lot about that business from him and use it in the story.

-We also ran into people, who shall we say, might have had affiliations with organized crime?

-Hilton Head doesn’t have its own police force, which is strange for an island of 30,000 full timers and over a million visitors a year.

-If you don’t think Predators are flying in US skies, don’t look up.

-Doesn’t matter, because you won’t see them anyway, they’re so high up.

-The world of covert operations is full of paranoid people who think everyone is out to get them.

-Everyone is out to get them.

This book, The Green Berets: Chasing the Lost is unique in that the theme is loyalty:  how much is too much?  It also brings together Dave Riley from my six Green Beret books and Horace Chase from Chasing The Ghost (which is only .99 right now) into one story.  I’m starting to merge characters from various series about the world of covert operations.  My 30 July book, Nightstalkers: The Book of Truths merges that series with my Cellar series.

Right now, this book has all five star ratings on Goodreads and reader feedback is that the ending blew them away. Hope you enjoy and feel free to visit us at

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