Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to Write by the Seat of Your Pants: Outline or No?

- Guest Post by Kim Cano

I know people who outline extensively and others who fly by the seat of their pants. I’ve tried outlining and it doesn’t work for me. I usually get an idea, then let it simmer and form a bit in my mind. I get to know the main characters, how they feel, what their personalities are like. And I always start out knowing the end. Sometimes I will write it first so I know where I’m ultimately headed. There are times the characters alter off path slightly and surprise me with their actions, but the end is always solid.

My first draft tends to be more of “getting the story out.” The second draft I visualize it more, adding more sight, sound, and smell. I check for words I tend to repeat and switch them out for better words. Then I keep polishing. Then I use a developmental editor, and re-write from there and he and I work together again to polish.

I have friends that do outlines. There are people who like note cards. I say whatever works to get the words on paper. It’s a personal creative process.

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