Thursday, 18 September 2014

Life of a Blogger: Languages

Well, today let's speak about the languages I can speak.  If you don't know about India, it may be weird to you that I am going to say some new languages that you didn't know about.

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As our country is rich in so many religions and caste beliefs, so are we rich in languages.   There are nearly 398 languages in our country according to Ethnologue, although only 22 of them are considered official regional languages of India.

I know to speak 4 languages.

Tamil:  A complicated, but sweet language.  Although not my mother tongue, born and raised around people who speak Tamil, this has been my favorite language and feels more like a mother tongue to me.

Telugu: This is my mother tongue.  I know only to speak this language, not to write.

Hindi: Our national language.  I can speak this, but not fluently.  I can understand and read and write Hindi.

English:  Of course, this is the universal language.  This is one of the languages I am good and fluent in.  English needs no introduction to any of you, I suppose.

I am happy sharing these with you.  India is an amazing country.  It's good to share some of its greatness with you all. :)

Above all, in whatever language you speak, be polite and kind.

How about you?  Any of the above languages interests you?  What are the languages that you can speak?

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  1. 398 languages? That is a LOT of languages for a single country! I really enjoyed your post as I didn't know much about India's languages until now. Telugu characters (if that's the correct word for them) are so adorable; a page full of them would be really pretty.

    Thanks for sharing the languages you know. I completely agree that politeness and kindness should come first regardless of the language(s) one speaks!

    Sherlyn @ Mermaid With A Book


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