Monday, 6 October 2014

Out with it.....Finally!

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So, I have been very inactive in my blog for the past few months.  I apologize for leaving my blog like this with occasional memes and discussion posts.  But, trust me, for last few months, I don't want to blog.  Well, I don't want to do pretty much anything else either.  Okay, this is it, the big reveal -- I am pregnant - for 5 months now.

We were so happy when the doctor confirmed our assumption.  But, then the symptoms hit - nausea, dizziness and vomiting.  I was thrown off guard.  I had a full time job to deal with.  Luckily, my company gave me permission to 'work-from-home' for a month.  Before we even had time to celebrate the good news, I felt like I am in a roller coaster, only this time vomiting all the way (Ew!  I know!).

But, you know, we both wanted to have a child and we know this will be okay.  My hubby was so supportive and so are my mom, dad and my brother.  I stopped cooking altogether for these few months.  I took all meals from my mom's home.  Now that it's the fifth month and almost all the symptoms subsided, I finally feel better.  Of course, there is still this lower back pain and disturbed sleep pattern.  I think I can manage with these things.

AND I felt my baby move a week back (** squeals **).  And he/she has been doing a lot of acrobatics ever since.  It's the feeling I would not trade anything else with - feeling some new life inside you for the first time.  Everything is worth it for this moment.

Yes, I am still deadly terrified of my labour and the wellness of my baby.  (** sighs deeply **)  But, I trust and I know it's going to be okay..we are going to be okay.

So, that's my 'big' reason for partially abandoning my blog.  I don't want to review or blog.  But, I still read and update in Goodreads.  And suddenly, for the past few days, I feel like I want to write something..anything.  So, DO NOT blame me, if there are more of random discussions or completely unnecessary and/or irrelevant posts.  It's totally one of the pregnancy perks. :)

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  1. Congratulations!! That's great news! I know what you mean about worrying about your baby(I was high risk) but you just have to keep positive and do the best you can for you both. It'll all be fine and before you know it you'll be holding your little bean. =)


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