Friday, 24 October 2014

Major life changes of a mom-to-be book blogger #1: Following mom blogs

I still don't remember when this shift has happened.  I was once reading a lot of book blogs or searching for the next great series to start and tracking (stalking) all my favorite author's new releases.  But now, I seem to care less about those things.  The grave truth - but there is no denying that I started to lose interest in them.  Yeah, I still can't stop getting excited about Richelle Mead or Rick Riordan or Jill Shalvis or so many other authors' new releases.  I still pre-order and read them the moment I get them in my hands.  But, my major focus is on the mom blog nowadays.

I am really really terrified regarding about this whole baby thing, as much as being excited about them.  Maybe, I am looking for some support group or to check whether there is someone as terrified as me.  Maybe, that's the reason I started following mom blogs.  But, whatever the reason is, I don't regret this change.  I actualy love them.  Maybe, one day, I will relate to them more than I do today.  But, for now, it is easy to think that my kid would be more easy to deal with, compared to those bloggers' kids.  I find myself smiling automatically, when I read about other mom's experiences with their little ones.  It surprisingly calms me about my pregnancy fears, or atleast makes it easy to hold these fears at bay in the hope of having my own adventures with my kid.

Is this me coping in my own way?  Or did you also do this - following blogs other than something based upon books, I mean?

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