Thursday, 20 November 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 10 things I’ll never do

We all have some things we would never ever do.

I have some too..

1.  I will never do a house chore that is not extremely urgent when I have my favorite book waiting for me.

2.  I will never be satisfied with my collection of clothes.

3.  I will never live without an electronic gadget (Kindle, tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone) near me.

4.  I have a full time job and my working time is 9 hours.  I know after many experimentations that I will never work the full 9 hours productively. (Please someone say I am not alone in this..this is normal, right?)

5.  I will never get rid of the habit of checking my mails every time I see my mobile on the table.  I am not even that busy person, who gets important mails all the time.  But, still I think some habits are hard to give up.

6.  I will never ride the bus that is over-crowded again.  Once I have to do this every single day, but now?  NO, A BIG NO!  Don't think I am exaggerating.  You must see our buses (see picture below), if you have to know what I am speaking about.

7.  I will never stop re-reading Harry Potter.  It's been so many years, and I still always feel the need to go back to that one series again and again, just after a few months of finishing them...again.

8.  I will never stop talking, even when I know I should.  Like when my husband is extremely angry or my boss is being an idiot!

9.  I will never travel anywhere without a book (or a Kindle).  I will deeply regret it, if I forget this..happened only once or twice in my life.

10;  I will never love another person in the world, the same way I love my husband. (Awwww!  I know! :))

So, that's it!  What are yours?  Tell me the things you will never do.....

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