Monday, 26 October 2015

Guest Post: A Gathering of Butterflies by Sean C. Wright

Welcome to my tour stop for "A Gathering of Butterflies" by Sean C. Wright.  The tour runs from October 26-30 and the full tour schedule can be found here.


Tales of steely but vulnerable women of color will melt your heart while lifting your spirits… A fierce grandmother keeps her grandson from the clutches of Old Scratch in Devil Does Dallas. An alien abduction transforms a large, miserable woman in Hazel Hogan. A country girl meets a city girl on her birthday, and struggles to decide if the girl’s heart is dark or light in Bubble Bath Twelve. And methodical Genie forms an unlikely relationship in Heaven’s Halfway House while in a coma.



It all started at the age of 8. I wrote a story about a girl who found a strawberry in the woods the size of a Volkswagen. It took 30 more years of writing and numerous rejection letters (I have a huge binder.) to get published. But I consider myself lucky; many writers’ works are published posthumously.  It seems that once you get published, you are allowed to sit at the popular kids’ table. I entered an essay contest with Glamour magazine shortly after Devil Does Dallas was published and it was selected to be made into a film short by actress Jessica Biel. In between entering writing contests and sending off query letters, I’ve gone the self-publishing route, too.

Writing is like any other creative craft – music, art – in that it chooses you. Stories and characters come to me subconsciously all the time. They are a hodgepodge of people I’ve known, my experiences, things I’ve seen on the news. You feel naked to your readers, baring pieces of yourself in print, but I love doing it. I like to write the whole story, raw, with all its warts. Then I go back and cut and rearrange. Some stories go through five and six revisions. It really is like giving birth, all painful and beautiful and awesome at the end.

My Clark Kent job is a proofreader. I spend most of the day halting typos, over-printing, and poor grammar. Then I come home and do other writing in the evening. Creative writing isn’t the only writing on my plate. I also write copy for retail websites, make over resumes, and edit other documents for people. Some people enjoy crunching numbers, I enjoy crunching letters. My husband and I end the day watching television before bed. We like documentaries and horror TV, like American Horror Story or Sleepy Hollow.


Sean C. Wright is native to Dallas, TX, and earned a degree in English from University of North Texas. She is the author of the short story collection A Gathering of Butterflies, the novella Honey Riley. Actress Jessica Biel directed a short film based on her winning essay in 2010: Sodales (18 minutes). For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–for business or consumer needs–visit

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