Saturday, 11 August 2012

Marketing as Having a Conversation

- Guest Post by Cora Russell

My hubby is a very good salesman. Always has been. Remember the kid in school that always outsold EVERYONE during fundraisers? That know no strangers? That was my hubby. And my mom. And my daughter. My daughter not only sold frozen pickle juice during a charity event, she sold a lot of it. There are natural born sales people.

I'm not one of them.

So when it came to marketing my books I had to decide what I was comfortable with. I was going to have to talk to someone and ask her to read my book eventually. My hubby's advice was to treat it as a conversation. You weren't going to ask for anything just start talking and see who joins in. Pay attention and listen to what they say. Then try see if what you have fills their need/want. So I stopped tweeting that my book was on sale. Because frankly that's not listening to see if anyone even cares. Instead I have something to give. I do KDP select so it's free every ninety days. It's an awesome feeling that I can give it away like that and people respond.

Conversations have started because of it. Hey, I got your book for free. Where can I get your other titles? I loved that story! I've always wanted to try ghost hunting! How do you put together an anthology? Where did you find the time to get all those links/information? All the proceeds go to charity? That's great!

And it snowballs from there.

If you as an author feel out of your league, replace marketing with conversation and only do what feels comfortable. That way you'll always feel positive about what you're doing.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me on your blog! Hope people find the information useful. :)

  2. As an aspiring writer myself, I found the idea of having a conversation rather than just trying to sell your book is a great idea. I was definitely not cut out to be a saleswoman, but I'm definitely good at making conversation and keeping it going. Your book looks awesome! I'm checking it out! :D

  3. I just checked, and yep, I have it on my Kindle. I bought it May 17th. I was pretty sure I had it--the title and cover looked really familiar. :)

  4. Thanks so very much for the awesome giveaway. It looks great!!!


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