Thursday, 7 November 2013

Indie Review: Stage 11 by Jill Landry

I review Indie authors, solely because I don't want to miss a good read, just because it's self-published.  But, sometimes, I wish they put more effort put to the novel, which is your baby, than just write and upload.

Cycling fan Meg's summer gets a lot better when her brother George arranges for her to go to Paris during the world famous Tour de France bike race. All she has to do in return is deliver a package to George's friend. But things don't go as expected, and all is not as it seems. Alone in a new country, Meg must put the pieces together and keep the package safe from the mysterious people who have mistaken her for someone else.


*** Review copy received via author. ***

Stage 11 is a short story with a little of mystery and fun.  Meg's brother, George, got her a job in courier office.  When George asks Meg to deliver a package to Paris in person, she agrees immediately because of her love to see the "City of Light".  But, within one hour of landing in Paris, she can't deliver the parcel, all her things were stolen except for the parcel and she is left alone with no contacts.  And someone keeps following her.  What is all this mystery surrounding her?

The novel is fast paced and impresses with a simple plot.  For me, it was like trying a novel from a friend, who has tried to write her debut.  It's certainly a good effort.

Two things I had a big problem with was:

1.  the formatting of the novel.  I received the copy from the author for review, so I thought it should be final.  But, it doesn't seem to be.  And it needs editing too.
2.  the book cover.  I ignore most of the Indie books, because of bad book covers.  People must spend some money on the covers, as this is what readers will see first.

With proper editor and a good designer, this book will reach its appropriate audience.


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