Monday, 6 January 2014

Review: Glitter Girl by Stephen Webb, Toni Runkle

Just finished reading a book with so less drama..and here another middle grade novel with drama rating as 5/5.. :)

Original Title: Glitter Girl
Author: Stephen Webb, Toni Runkle
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Release Date: December 3rd 2013
Source: Review copy from the publisher
Genre: Middle Grade

True Confessions of a Trendsetter

Hi! I'm Kat. Welcome to my blog. I may be from a small town but I'm also Glitter Girl Cosmetics' newest trendsetter. Thanks to my flair for fashion and my popular style blog, I've been chosen to be an Alpha Girl, which means I get to try out all the Glitter Girl products before they hit the stores.

Forty-eight hours after she blogs about the goodies in the new line, every girl at Kat's school is sporting the gear. Kat's popularity skyrockets, but Jules--Kat's BFF--seems to be the only one who's not buying into the Glitter Girl lifestyle. Is Kat willing to sacrifice her friendship for life in the fab lane?


Kat and Jules are best friends from always..they couldn't have remembered a time when they were not friends.  While Kat is a fashionista, Jules is more of a Shakespeare club member.  But, the girls love each other, until their friendship is tested.  Kat is selected as a Alpha Girl for Glitter Girl product promotions.  And suddenly Kat becomes more popular than she can handle and Jules goes out of her 'inner' circle.  And Kat has a crush on Jules' brother.  Kat and Jules get separated little by little and the story drama takes full swing when Jules' birthday party comes as the same day as Kat's final "Face of the Glitter Girl" contest!

I loved both Kat's and Jules' characters.  And the drama that is woven around them is so great.  Both of the girls are good at heart, although they have different interests.  Kat's so-called friends and the Glitter Girl product manager (I think) Chelsea are so shallow, that I want to avoid such characters in real life at all cost. I loved Kat chose to change her mom's life and taught what she learnt from her experience to her parents.  I loved Jules' family too.

Full of drama and excitement!

The writing is good and kept me rooted to the book.  Although shifting of POVs was a bit difficult to understand at first, I got used to it after some time.

One thing I worried about was that very few people can relate themselves to such drama.  When I completed this book, I felt like *huge sigh* "so much drama".  There is not one place in the book where there is no or less drama.

Do kids only fall under these two category?  I don't think so.. When I was a kid, I don't fall under either of these..  But, this book gives the kids a different impression.

If you just want a fun middle grade read, this book might suit you..


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