Monday, 20 January 2014

Series Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

This is a spoiler-free review.  Or at least I am trying to do it spoiler-free.

This book didn't leave me in tears, but it left me heart-broken.  I felt the love and loss so much, that it took me some time to realize that this is just a story.

Mia and Adam are high school sweethearts.  But, tragedy strikes and Mia's entire family faces a car crash in which Mia loses everyone.  And she goes into a comatose stage.  She doesn't want to wake up, knowing that there is nothing left here to come back to.  "If I Stay" beautifully portrays the trauma of a girl, whose entire life falls apart in front of her own eyes (literally).  What is she going to choose - to leave or to stay in this life?

"Where She Went" is in Adam's POV of his losing Mia, in a way he can't process.  Although Adam is a rock star now, he is also a heart-broken guy, who just tries to breathe and pass every single waking minute.  It's been three years since the day of the accident and he still can't stop missing them.  Yes, he has a popular beautiful girlfriend, who tries to get him back to regular life, but all Adam wants to go to back to his high school days..with Mia.  What Adam doesn't know is he is getting a second chance at life..

Both these books are so full of emotions that I felt like I want to hug everyone I love and thank them for just being there.  Yeah, that's the most precious gift of my life and I see it now.  If loss can be so painful in just reading the book, I don't know what real loss will do to me.  These books will give a taste of just that - the real loss!

Although this book will make your heart squeeze many many times, it will all be worth in the end.  It's just perfect.

Now, leave me alone, so that I can go hug my family and just tell them thanks..

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