Thursday, 29 May 2014

Discussion: Why do you want to disturb me while reading? What is SO important?

When you are reading, everyone seems to think you are approachable all of a sudden.  Everyone thinks you are idle and open for chit-chat.  No, I am not idle..I am READING.  And that's me, at least.  I am 'making' time, especially for this reading time and I don't want to gossip during those times.  I feel like saying "Can you please stop?  Go do something else..", but no, it's all about manners.  So, you look up, try to listen to her, keep thinking about your fictional characters and end up staring at her moving mouth with your shaking head.

Trust me, I don't hate you and no, I am not ignoring you.

See, I still love you people, but you have to understand when I say I think books are better companions than people.  And I can't think of anything else in my waking hours until I finish that great book.  I would still talk/laugh/gossip with you, but there is always time for that..somewhere in the future.

Although I am rambling about this, I also know that I can't avoid the little disturbances from your close family, because you are needed and that's another topic altogether.  I am needed and they are my responsibility.  I have things to do and duty calls.  And you know what, knowing my family, they won't disturb me while reading, until it's something urgent or something they can't tend to themselves.  I sigh and keep a bookmark in my book to see what the fuss is about.  If this disturbance continues for three or more times continuously, then I have to close the book entirely and switch on the television.  I already lost my interest to read and thanks for that!  You are awesome!

Source: Grantland

I know almost all of you have faced these problems, unless you are living in an island with only you and your books.  So, what do you think about this?  Are you calm and casual, ready to come out of the 'other' world immediately?  Or you just stare at them as I do?  Or are you the one with a book in hand shouting at the park the other day?

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