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Guest Post & Giveaway: Origins by Simon Jenner

Original Title: Ethan Justice: Origins
Author: Simon R. Jenner
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: May 30th 2012
Genre: Action/Adventure

Meet John Smith, a highly educated underachiever, whose life is turned upside down after he finds his best friend, Mark Bradshaw, dead at his London apartment. The media say suicide but Smith knows better. Why had Bradshaw, a high-flying financial whizz, been targeted? Unable to deal with his friend’s murder, he accepts the help of the beautiful Savannah Jones, a reluctant high class escort girl provided by Bradshaw and discovered in Smith’s bed earlier that morning.

Jones, an escort for only one day, must pay her pimp, Christos the Greek, a thousand pounds or he will sell her to an interested party with unsavoury tastes. She needs money from Smith and Smith needs a friend to help him keep it together. Soon they are thrown into a world of danger armed with only their wits which they must use to stay one step ahead of Christos and psychotic ex-SAS soldier, Fisher, intent on revenge for the loss of his commission. Fisher seeks the ultimate weapon to take down those responsible and will destroy with sickening pleasure anyone who gets in the way.

With Earthguard, a secret anti-terrorist agency, on one side and Fisher on the other, Smith and Jones can only rely on each other. Sparks fly between them as they fight to stay alive but the moments are fraught with obstacles, particularly Smith’s fragile ego which doesn’t quite match up to his heroic actions. Will the pair survive long enough for their relationship to take off?

Smith is forced to change his identity to ensure the safety of his family. Will the new man succeed in saving the day and getting the girl?

Murder, intrigue and mayhem abound in this dark and humorous tale of lust, deceit and revenge.

You play a very important role in Ethan Justice: Origins.  If you could change your current story in any one way, what would you do and why?

- Guest Post by Simon Jenner

Savannah Jones responds…

That’s an interesting question and I hope that I can give you an interesting answer.  I think Simon Jenner was initially looking for some eye-candy to demonstrate John Smith’s initial fear of women, especially ones that cry – he can’t handle a crying woman, it’s so sweet.  I have to admit that I am a bit emotional at the start of the book and I do shed a tear or two, but don’t you worry, I certainly get my hands dirty once we find ourselves knee-deep in murder.

I guess I can forgive Mr. Jenner for not writing me a little feistier from the start as I had been through a lot even before waking up with John Smith.  Don’t worry I’m not that sort of girl – it was my job and he was my second client – and my last as it turned out.  Now you think I’m even worse, don’t you?  Let me tell you:  I was a couple of quid away from being homeless, out on the streets, begging for pennies and scraps, when my friend Amy introduced me to this friendly guy, Christos, who said he could make all my financial worries go away.  Big mistake that turned out to be.  You’ll get a real kick out of how we deal with that scumbag – you’ll be amazed just how useful your toothbrush can be.  I can’t say any more or that Jenner chap won’t cast me in his sequel.

So as I was saying, I’ve never had any luck with men, even my father was a drunken loser, but this Smith bloke turns out to be a lot more interesting than I expect.  Once you get to know him he has an understated strength and confidence that you just can’t imagine.  Oh, you want to know how I’d like to be different.  Sorry about that, I can be a little scatterbrained sometimes.  You should find out what happens when we stay at the Ritz and I think I give the nice old man from room service a five hundred pound note.  That bloody Smith laughed so loud, I could have strangled him.

So, yes… change my story.  Yes, I’ve got it.  I’m really grateful that he let me show that women can be just as brave as men but I think he might have made me out to be a little too… what’s the word I’m looking for?  Scatty! No not scatty, emotional… no that’s not it.  I just know that Smith gets to be a hero and has fewer faults than me… well not fewer maybe, bur definitely less debilitating.  He can be a bit of a pain at times, too.  But when you look into those big eyes of his, I forget the colour, but they are oh so dreamy…

So where was I?  What was the question again?


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  1. as soon as i saw the cover, i knew i would want this book. i love a tough woman character. murder, crime, thrillers....are my favorite genre. thanks for the giveaway.


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