Friday, 21 December 2012

Book Blast: Rise of the Retics (Rosehaven the Hidden City, #1)

Original Title: Rise of the Retics
Series: Rosehaven the Hidden City, #1
Author: T.J. Lantz
Release Date: December 7th 2012
Genre: Young-adult, Fantasy

For almost a thousand years humanity has been making a concerted effort to eradicate the world’s “retics”, an eclectic collection of non-human, intelligent species. Recently, those efforts have been strengthened and far more successful than ever, though the Council of Rosehaven, the “retics” hidden sanctuary city, cannot figure out why.

No one realizes the danger of this this more than Tyranna Wolfskin, a young girl ripped from her boring, everyday life in the middle of the night by a vicious group of “retic” hunters. Thrust into a struggle for her own survival, Tyranna must find a way to accept what she is and learn to understand a world she never knew existed.

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