Sunday, 2 December 2012

Review: Blue Rose in Chelsea by Adriana Devoy

Original Title: Blue Rose in Chelsea
Author: Adriana Devoy
Release Date: April 24th 2012
Source: From the author
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Haley Barrett senses that her life is about to forever change when she spies a blue rose in a Chelsea gateway.

She drops out of Princeton, heeding an intuition that there is something she must find before it is too late, and takes a job as a nanny for an Upper West Side family. In a blues club one night, she falls for the charismatic Evan Candelier, an actor whose star is rising. Evan’s fa├žade of perfection begins to crack when he meets Haley, yet he keeps her at a mystifying distance.

Haley’s dashing rock musician brother conspires to keep them apart and return Haley to the Ivy League. Haley finds a “fairy godmother” in the irrepressible Sinclair Wellington, a costumer and Scottish count. Sinclair sews for Haley an enchanted velvet coat, entangles her in elegant misadventures to win Evan, all the while insisting that in matters of love, nothing is impossible. Until, one snowy day, Sinclair’s lost love from decades past reappears to upend his world.

From brownstones to bookshops, cafes to cathedrals, artist garrets to glittering avenues this circle of bohemians wend their way through late 80s Manhattan. No fairytale is complete without a castle (in Scotland), a ball (at Tavern On The Green), and a revelation, (in a vineyard at twilight) that will surprise and delight.


Haley, the main character in the story, after dropping out of Princeton, comes to stay with her brother, Dylan.  She spots a blue rose there, which she believes is a sign of miracle.  Soon, she meets Evan, Dylan's friend, is trying to get a chance in the acting career.  There is instant attraction between the two.  But, Dylan, being overprotective of her, tries to keep them apart.  Will Haley finally win over Evan and is Evan truly worth all the risk?

Although the character development is not up to the mark, I still loved many of the characters here.  There were many literary references, which covers probably half of the book.  While this may appear as a positive thing for many, it became boring for me after some chapters.  There are more and more of unnecessary discussions, meetings and outings, which just drags on and on.  It would have been nice, just to go on with the story.  Actually, the overall story is good.  But, just the slow pace of the novel took the mood and essence from it.

If there is some speed and if it has been a short story, I would have loved it.  Also, those who are classic and literature fans may enjoy it, but this book is just not for me.

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