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Review: Morning Star (Equinox #1) by Desiree Finkbeiner

"Morning Star" is another novel on my currently-reading list for a long long time.  But you know, this time I am not the only reason.  When the author was kind enough to send me the audio copy of this book, I started listening to it immediately.  But, you know, my hubby lost my precious earphones and then my mom and mother-in-law started taking matters out of control, I lost touch with books..well, almost.  Now that everything is back to normal or as normal as it can be, let me start with the review.

Original Title: Morning Star
Series: Equinox #1
Author: Desiree Finkbeiner
Publisher: Hydra Publications
Release Date: March 28th 2012
Source: Audio book from publisher and author
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young adult

When a mysterious stranger interrupts Brianna’s mundane routine, her eyes are opened to the dark underbelly of reality… immortal rogues, ancient conspiracies, prophetic revelations, savage tribes, mammoth dragonflies…

She’s thrust into a race for her life when Kalen, a warrior from Ethos, discovers that she is harboring a secret… a secret that he’d give his life to protect.

There’s just one little problem… they are tempted by a forbidden romance, which threatens to compromise a divinely appointed mission. They are faced with a choice… love eternal, or the end of the world…


Brianna is your typical teen, going to college and having fun with her friends and family.  But, all of a sudden, huge dragonflies are following her and then there was a small accident, which she gets magically healed so soon.  Then she meets Kalen.

Kalen is a warrior from another place, Ethos, who comes in search of something so important to his world.  But his searches lead him to Brianna.  Although he starts liking Brianna, due to his promises, he can't love her.  So, what is going to happen to this supernatural couple?  Did Kalen save Brianna from whatever enemies he have?  Did Kalen get what he is searching for?

First of all, this story is something different.  Huge magical dragonflies; cute hero controlling those dragonflies to track the enemies; innocent girl caught stuck in some age old war; bad people chasing our boy and girl; the fairy tale couple tries to 'not' love each other - well, everything is good.  I know when I put like this, it sounds simple, but believe me, this story is something I have not read before.  The world building is great and so is the character building.  I absolutely enjoyed the overall plot of the novel.

And the audio quality was good as well.  Jessica did an excellent job in bringing the characters' voices and emotions.  My audio rating for this novel is 4 out of 5.

So, what not to like?  The story is dragging at many places during the first half of the novel.  I lost interest at those places, but just kept going.  Of course, it became better..but those places can make some of the readers make it as DNF read.

Some suggestions: The cover could be changed; I, for one, pick up books mainly based on the cover, and I don't fully approve of this.  Actually, I have mixed feelings about this time I like it, and the next I don't.  Then the dragging parts in the novel could be cut down; because I don't want to lose the excitement of the story to be lost during those parts.

However, even with some of its faults, I enjoyed the novel, and as I usually say, that's what matters in reading.

Would love to read the next installment to know more!

3.5 STARS!


1.  Morning Star - Amazon | Goodreads | Audible
2.  Ethos - Amazon | Goodreads 

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