Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Review: My Epic Fairy Tale Fail by Anna Staniszewski

I am not sure whether you know this..but recently, I am craving for fun, light reads.  It's like seeing some middle grade novel and I feel like I see a chocolate.  I NEED to have it, no matter what, especially if it's some fun read.  This novel sounded right up my alley.

Original Title: My Epic Fairy Tale Fail
Series: My Very UnFairy Tale Life #2
Author: Anna Staniszewski
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Release Date: March 1st 2013
Source: Review copy from the publisher
Genre: Fairy tales, Fantasy, Middle Grade

Fairy tales do come true. Unfortunately.

Jenny the Adventurer is back, and this time she's off to the Land of Tales: the crazy place that all fairy tales come from. If she can defeat an evil witch and complete three impossible tasks--all without getting eaten by blood-thirsty monsters--Jenny might finally get some answers about what happened to her parents.

This is one adventure Jenny can't afford to fail.


Jenny is an adventurer.  She has been one, since her parents disappeared seven years before.  She is going to solve a problem, again.  This time, it was in "Land of Tales", where Jenny's parents had last seen.  The Council is sending her to solve a problem: an evil witch sucking all of the magic in "Land of Tales" and if Jenny doesn't complete the three impossible tasks set by the evil witch within three days, the magic will completely be lost.  And so will be Jenny's parents. 

The characters were so relatable; Trish and Melissa's (Jenny's besties) made me laugh at a lot of places.  Those two were contantly thinking the more dangerous the events are, the more cooler it is.  I can totally understand it.  Being a fan of fantasy, that is how my brain works too. ;)  Anthony, Jenny's gnome guide, who will anything for a candy, is adorable.  And I love the "Sleeping Beauty" part in it; the author has some cool imagination.

Yeah, I didn't read the previous novel, but I have absolutely no problem in understanding this one.  Actually it was pretty cute and simple.  Have you read "Fairy-Tale Detectives" from The Sisters Grimm series?  If you loved that, you will definitely love this one.  And actually, I liked that this novel has more of a brighter approach..literally.  I felt like I was out in the sun (told you it was bright) with Jenny and seeing her adventures (this is usual to all readers, as far as I know, but I can feel the environment part only in very few novels).  This novel made me happy and satisfied and I cannot ask for more.

Perfect for kids! And adults who just love to have a fun read!

Waiting for more!


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  1. i am not familiar with this series but your review of this 2nd book piqued my interest..... adding this now to my tbr pile.... and isn't that cover just adorable... ^_^

    great review
    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

    1. Glad that it helped.. :) And yeah, the cover is cute..


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