Thursday, 31 October 2013

5 STAR ARC Review: My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending by Anna Staniszewski

When I read the second book in this series a few days ago, I immediately requested the review copy for the third one.  Not because it can't wait; no, it's not that.  These type of books makes your reading more light, fun and lovable.

Original Title: My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending
Series: My Very UnFairy Tale Life #3
Author: Anna Staniszewski
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Release Date: November 5th 2013
Source: Review copy from publisher
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Happily ever after? Yeah, right.

Jenny's search for her parents leads her to Fairyland, a rundown amusement park filled with creepily happy fairies and disgruntled leprechauns. Despite the fairies' kindness, she knows they are keeping her parents from her. If only they would stop being so happy all the time-it's starting to weird her out! With the help of a fairy-boy and some rebellious leprechauns, Jenny finds a way to rescue her parents, but at the expense of putting all magical worlds in danger. Now Jenny must decide how far she is willing to go to put her family back together.


Jenny goes in search of her missing parents to the fairy world.  But, if you imagine fairy world in your mind, just forget it and read on.  It's just a worn out amusement park, where all magical being were - kind of - tortured.  Well, Jenna is a prisoner now in the hands of the completely insane fairy queen.  With some help from a fairy boy, will she bring down the entire rule and also save the magical community as well as her parents?  Tough...

Great world building and great characterization.  In so few pages, I started liking the characters so much.

I liked the way the story winded up.  It was clean, just like a fairy tale.  Nothing to be sad of; I finished it just with fond memories.

If I am still a kid at school, I would want my teacher to read/recommend these type of stories to me.  It's fun and kids will love this.  Highly recommended for those who love middle grade fantasy novels.



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