Sunday, 1 September 2013

Review: The Rising Wind by Ken Floro III

The Rising Wind is one of those books where adventure is not so enticing, but satisfying.  This book has some great characters, that you will be craving for more, when you are near to completion of the book.

Original Title: The Rising Wind
Series: Chronicles of the Company of the Rising Wind #1
Author: Ken Floro III
Release Date: October 4th 2011
Source: Review copy via Novel Publicity
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

After graduating into the Imperial knighthood, Marcavius and his cousin book passage aboard a merchant ship, the Rising Wind, to visit their family estate before reporting to the legions. They know no ship dares tread the heart of the Mennaidran Sea, yet along their voyage a strange fog suddenly sets the Rising Wind adrift in those haunted waters. Fortunately another passenger offers his skill as a navigator to save the day, yet he insists that the ship first detour to a nearby island to replenish its supplies. There the ship’s unlucky passengers soon learn that the monsters and magic of legend are no mere myths! Friends, strangers, and even bitter enemies must work together in order to survive and escape. Yet some of the greatest dangers they’ll face are destined to come from one another.

"The same trick didn’t work a third time. When Marc stepped into the ring of firelight and shouted a challenge, his adversaries shrank into the shadows across from him – more cautious now than they had been earlier. Their broad limbs and hulking silhouettes prowled the darkness at the edge of the forest, disguising their numbers. Standing exposed, in the open clearing, Marc felt vulnerable, but he knew he couldn’t run. For an anxious moment, he just stood there, uncertain what to do next. The curse of inexperience was lack of foresight, and Marc hadn’t stopped to calculate an alternative in case his original plan failed. Now he had to think on the spot. Unfortunately the present circumstance was no place for contemplation. So, in that dangerous moment, he acted on instinct."


Marc and Monty (of the Steelvaerans family), after celebrating their graduation of the Imperial Knighthood, board in the ship "The Rising Wind" to reach home for the holidays, along with their guardian goblin, Garvorax.  In the same ship is Marc's fiancee, Adrianna.  As both Marc and Adrianna didn't know each other before, they are just act as strangers.  There is also the legendary warrior, Gray Fox.  And there is Din, who have revenge towrards the Steelvaerans family.  And then there is a navigator, Balthazar, who have different plans than others.  This is to whom the captain of the ship asks help when the ship moves out of direction due to storm.  Balthazar takes them to a remote island, where magic and evil lurks together.

This novel has one of the best characterization.  Most of the main characters in the novel have been explained in detail and the readers are given a lot of time to get to know them better.  Playful Marc, intelligent Monty and wise Gray Fox make a great team.  Except for Adrianna, all are male characters and they occupy the majority of the plot.  Adrianna's character is so little in the novel, that some readers may feel incomplete.

The world building is good as well.  There are so many sub-plots diverted from the main plot, but ultimately everything makes sense.  I don't want to include spoilers here, so I am not telling anything here.  All I am saying is I am impressed.

Seriously, this will make a great series.  And I think an audio book will be great for this novel.

Recommended for adventure lovers!



  1. Thanks for sharing your review, Vidya. I'm so glad you connected with the characters in The Rising Wind. If you could please take a moment to cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads, that would be excellent!

    Oh, and don't forget to comment on the other blog tour host's features for your chance at winning the random commenter award :-)


  2. This sounds really good! I love when characters are fleshed out. Makes me able to get more involved with the book! Thank you.

  3. No spoilers but you give little to go on beyond your personal enjoyment of the book. Sounds good but more info on what made it so great would have been nice.


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