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5 STAR Review + Giveaway: Atone (A Fairytale Trilogy) by Jessica Grey

Again, I am saying - if you write fairy tale retellings, just let me know.  I am never going to back down on this genre.  But, please always do some justice to the original plot.. just like this novel.

Original Title: Atone: A Fairytale
Series: A Fairytale Trilogy #2
Author: Jessica Grey
Publisher:  Tall House Books
Release Date: July 8th, 2013
Source: From Xpresso Book Tours
Genre: Fairy tale retellings, Fantasy, Young adult, Paranormal Romance

Becca Ward knows that magic is real...

Two years ago not only had she and her best friend Alex found a real-life Sleeping Beauty in the middle of Los Angeles, they also discovered that they were powerful in their own right. They’ve managed to keep both their fae powers and their friend Lilia’s identity as a medieval princess a secret and live a normal life. Now their normalcy is threatened by the return of their former advisor at the Gem and Mineral Museum—and Becca’s least favorite person, Nicholas Hunt.

...and she’s about to find out that more than one fairy tale is true.

Nicholas has been obsessed with proving Lilia’s identity and the existence of magic. While working on an archeology dig he discovered an ancient fae artifact—a mirror that is imbued with a powerful protection spell that twists his obsession, and his body, until he is more beast than man. In order to protect her friends, Becca is forced to help him, and she is surprised to find that in spite of his outward appearance, Nicholas is no longer the beast she remembers. Will she let herself be the beauty that breaks the curse, or will she let her prejudice against him stop her from discovering true love?


Becca Ward has some 'metal' powers in her.  Her best friends, Alex and Lilia, are also magical.  When Nicholas poses a threat to their identity, Becca tries to find him and do what is necessary to keep him silent. This is going to be a problem, because Becca has never liked Nicholas.  And helping him is going to be difficult.

Nicholas Hunt, an archeologist obsessed with magic, comes across a magical mirror.  The spell in the mirror changes him to a Beast.  Even more unexpected is the girl who comes to help him, with whom he has always had a hostile relationship.  But, she is the one that brings out the man inside all his Beastly appearance.

The plot is not original (being a retelling and all), but it's a refreshing, cool take on the original plot.

The characters and the world building are amazing.  Each character is different and they stand alone independently.  Even the minor's characters, like Becca's cousin, are adorable and all of them keeps reminding me of some person that I meet in real life.  The understanding between Becca and her friends is something every person would crave for.  As I said, the characterization is great and memorable.

Having not read the first book in the series, there were some struggles initially to catch up with the plot, but soon Jessica brought out some scenes to explain briefly about the past happenings.

Becca is a strong protagonist and someone who has her own faults and still enjoys her life.  And Nicholas, although seems to be a jerk previously, changes drastically in his beast form.

The hostility, friendship and romance between Becca and Nicholas was so charming.  At least now I know how Beauty and Beast got close together emotionally.  When I started reading this, I seriously didn't expect this book to rock, but oh boy, it totally did.

And did I mention the climax?  Well, I love you Jessica!  That was one of the best HEA I have read.  I have always thought that Belle and Beauty's kiss at the end of Disney movie is the best kiss scene ever.  I was so happy that I was able to feel some of that magic here.

Loved loved loved!  Jessica --- Here you have earned another fan for you!  One of the best "Beauty and the Beast" retellings and one of my favorite reads this year!  And Jessica, thanks for not ruining my love for the original version and making me fall in love with fairy tales some more.

Do I even have to recommend this to you after all this?  Go on, read this already.


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Jessica is giving away one signed copy of Atone to one winner of the below Rafflecopter giveaway.  Open internationally.
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  1. thanks for the lovely giveaway!crossing fingers :D

  2. I do love Fairy Tales. This sounds fantastic.

  3. Thank you for this awesome review, Vidya! I'm glad you enjoyed Atone and the climactic ending - it was one of the first things I wrote and then I worked my way up to it. Those kisses are important! ;)


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