Saturday, 8 March 2014

Guest Post: Ingredients of a Great Thriller by Kim Cresswell

Every now and then you read a novel that has you glued to the story because the action is moving at warp-speed and you're swept way not wanting to stop reading until you know how it turns out.
The tension rises and you ride along with the characters feeling every blow right up until the climax.
In my opinion, the main ingredient in a great thriller is emotion. If you feel the story in your heart and gut then the author has done his or her job.
A great thriller is unpredictable. What if the FBI agent leading a murder investigation is the killer?
A great thriller has deadlines—the ticking clock. Will the FBI agent be caught before he kills again?
A great villain is a must-have in any thriller—a villain that stirs feelings of hatred, fear, disgust and sometimes empathy in the reader.
A main character who is worthy to fight the villain and hopefully win.
The setting and the action must also be believable for the reader because if the reader doesn't believe, the story will end.
In Lethal Journey, my heroine Lauren Taylor, is a New York district attorney. She's taking on the most important and dangerous case of her career, prosecuting mob boss, Gino Valdina and it's not going to be an easy journey for her. All she has to do is stay alive!
As the story progresses, it's unpredictable, has deadlines, a villain who evokes fear, hatred and empathy, and a heroine and hero who are physically and emotionally worthy to battle the villain to the end.
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