Thursday, 13 March 2014

Have you EVER been to book signings?

Do you know about book signings or BEA, which almost every reader seem to talk about?  If you haven't heard of one, this is where you get to meet your authors and publishers in person.  This is where you fulfill one of your major life dreams by finally seeing the new and old authors who you have been worshiping for so long.

What?  You have never been to book signings?  Not even one?  Seriously?

Well, you are not alone and I am pretty sure you are with the majority of bookaholic population.

Book signings are something I have only seen through the pictures in my feeds.  And yes, I am upset about it. Well, who wouldn't?  I want to see my favorite author at least once in my lifetime.  They are my heroes and the opportunity to meet them is something I never had.

As far as I know, none of my favorite authors tour in India (or other non-US/Canada territory).  I am following all the publishers in India by their social media links and none of them are ready to get the authors who are from other countries to visit here.  And I understand their problem.  They think their fan base is majorly located in US/Canada.  And they may be right.  I can't seem to get the statistics.  So, where does that leave the fans from other country? Disappointed, upset and jealous.

Yes, but that still doesn't stop us from stalking following him/her through all the blogs and news.  Yay to all the selfless and forgiving fans!  We rock! ;-)

Can't the authors and publishers just think about doing a tour in other countries just at least once in two years or so?  * sighs *

Just in case, by great luck, if I have the opportunity to meet with my favorite author, what will I do?  Well, that's the topic for another day..

You tell me now.. have you ever felt like this?  Or you just don't care about author signings and seeing the author who you have idolized all this time doesn't matter?

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