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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ESLYNNE SMITH (Author of Taming the Tida)

Welcome to the tour of Taming the Tida by Eslynne Smith.  The full tour schedule can be seen at http://www.elitebookpromotions.com/book-tours/.

In 2014 the nation was in crisis. Partisan politics were the rule of the day, stifling and sabotaging meaningful change in Washington. Americans were desperate for someone—anyone—to offer them hope, to show them there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

That hope came in the form of Sharmin Smith, a contestant on the breakthrough reality show Who Wants to Be President? Designed to increase voter participation and heal a deeply divided nation, Who Wants to Be President? pitted contestants against each other in speeches on America's most pressing issues, from abortion and health care to immigration and the economy.

Smith, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, caught the country's attention, delivering her unusual, groundbreaking opinions with two service dogs by her side. She gave a nation hope, and in return, Americans gave her their trust.

The first book of the Change the World trilogy, Taming the Tida gives hope to those tired of contemporary political gridlock and looks to a brighter tomorrow.



It’s summertime, YAY!  Oh, wait, it’s summertime, and I have three children living at home.  We are often the cool house for children to hang out at, I don’t think it’s because we are cool, I think it’s just because our house has an elevator.  So the number of children in my home can fluctuate on any given day from 3 to 12.  That’s ok though, I’d rather have them here, than worry about them somewhere else.

Every day starts the same way regardless of what day it is or how many children are calling my house home that day. My husband leaves for work early, I wake up tired, from restless sleep that is often the result of a nightmare and I stumble my weary body to my coffee pot before I take my dogs outside for their morning wrestling match.  I do not condone dog fighting. I do not understand why anyone would want to see an animal hurt.  However, I could watch my dogs wrestle with each other for hours.

Today my son began summer band camp, it was practically impossible to sit through his hour long lesson and listen to the teacher talk about tonguing and fingering the trumpet without remembering the movie American Pie. I realized I’m not ready for any of stories that start with ‘last summer, at band camp’ when the teacher asked my son to stay behind so he could speak with him in his office. I stood outside the office door watching them both until the teacher invited me in.  He didn’t want any parents feeling uncomfortable about why a student would be seen privately in his office, I told him I was definitely that parent. Some people might consider me overprotective and paranoid, I’m completely OK with that.

The rest of my day will be spent convincing these children that they don’t need to play video games or eat chips and ice cream all afternoon.  Eventually they’ll cave in, grab an apple and we’ll go outside to shoot some hoops together, toss some yard darts and if I’m really lucky they’ll feel like pretending to help me pull weeds.  Before long I’ll realize I forgot to fix dinner and order pizza. Pizza is probably the reason all the neighbor kids hang out at my house so often.  I’m ok with that, pizza is cheap, therapy is expensive. 


Eslynne Smith is the Author of Taming the Tida, a fictional story about politics, religion and a Reality TV show. Eslynne was born in a naval hospital in Newport, RI just after the Navy’s 200th birthday. She has been following politics ever since her mother told her she was related to James K. Polk, the 11th President of The United States of America. She comes from a long line of military spouses and has been an enlisted spouse, a commissioned spouse and she is currently a retired spouse as her husband recently retired after 22 years of naval service.

She has held professional positions for over 20 years in the financial services industry, including the “Big 3”. She began by working in the accounting department for a computer company before she moved into auto finance and finally on to the mortgage industry. She obtained her Direct Endorsement from FHA to underwrite government loans in 2005 just before Hurricane Katrina hit. She held training and leadership roles where she did everything from write policies and procedures for default and collections to manage underwriting and repurchase teams during the recent mortgage crisis.

Eslynne was diagnosed with PTSD in the summer of 2008 from traumatic childhood events.  After years of multiple therapy techniques she accepted the advice of a trusted therapist and stepped away from her professional life to focus on her personal life. It was during this time that she embraced writing for pleasure and decided to undertake the Great American Novel. 

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