Thursday, 18 June 2015

Spotlight: Flank Street: In The Sydney Underworld by A.J. Sendall @AJSendall #Thriller

Flank Street: In The Sydney Underworld

Published on 15 May 2015
Genre – Crime, Thriller
No. of pages – 226

A woman with a compulsion for money and danger …
A man with a buried past and an uncertain future …

Together, can they con the Sydney underworld, and get away with cold-blooded murder, or will they both end up in a dumpster?

Trust no one, and don’t believe all you read.

Welcome to Kings Cross …

Flank Street is written from the distorted reality of Micky DeWitt, a shiftless career criminal and world sailor. Micky arrives in Sydney by boat, broke and on the lookout for opportunity. After taking a job as barman in a Kings Cross pub, he’s approached by a woman who needs something stolen. Nothing is what it seems, as Micky falls into a honey trap that spins his life out of control.
Some characters from Heather make an appearance, including Mitchell, and the enigmatic Ray Peterson.


Since ’79, A.J. Sendall has been collecting people and places. From the blood soaked streets of Kampala, the polluted dust bowls of the Sahara, to the pristine ice floes of the Antarctic, he has gathered and filed them away. Some have recently pushed through the bars of insecurity and are now at large in the pages of his first three novels. Others await their future fates.

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