Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spotlight: Alaana’s Way:The Calling by Ken Altabef @KenAltabef #Fantasy

Alaana's Way:The Calling

Published on 30 October 2014
Genre – Fantasy
Rating – PG
No. of pages – 402

An insatiable fever demon…

A restless Wind spirit…

A treacherous shaman…

A golden walrus…

And one courageous young girl.

In the frozen north, a land of deadly weather and unforgiving spirits, the shaman is all that stands in the way of disaster. When Alaana is called upon to become shaman for the Anatatook people she discovers a kaleidoscopic world where everything is alive, where the tent skins whisper at night and even the soapstone pot has tales to tell. She faces vengeful ghosts and hungry demons as she travels the dangerous path to becoming a shaman.

And there’s just one other problem. Girls aren’t allowed to be shamans.

This is Book One in an epic fantasy series with a unique arctic setting. All fans of fantasy will enjoy these five novels.


A Science Fiction Writers of America member, my short fiction has appeared numerous times in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, most recently with The Woman Who Married The Snow in the July 2013 issue. Recent stories have been published in Interzone, Abyss & Apex, Buzzymag, Stupefying Stories, and Unsettling Wonder.

I was an editor on the mixed-genre short story anthology “Drastic Measures” and its recently-released sequel “Wash the Spider Out”, which also features two of my stories.

ALAANA’S WAY, my 5-part series of epic fantasy novels is published by Cat’s Cradle Press. Described as “Cutting-edge fantasy at the Top of the World” this series takes a grand tour of Inuit mythology and sees its shamanic hero Alaana fulfilling a destiny that ultimately involves the fate of the entire world beyond the Arctic Circle.  You can preview this work, and read some of my stories and other fun stuff at my website:

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