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Review: Journey to a Far Away Place by Gary McCleary

Original Title: Journey to a Far Away Place
Author: Gary McCleary
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Published Date: September 20th 2011
Genre: Fantasy
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Just how far would you be prepared to go in order to save someone that you love?

For Victoria Wells the answer is obvious. Her husband has been tricked into giving up his immortal soul and now she must undertake a journey to the centre of Hell itself to rescue him!

This is one determined lady and you don’t want to mess with her! She’ll move Heaven and Earth and anyone who gets in her way to save her husband.

The Lower Astral Plane (sometimes known as Hell) is a very base spiritual level not far above the ‘Earth Plane’ which is home to countless billions of lost souls whose belief in their own unworthiness has placed them there. If ever you find yourself in such a place it would help if you have read this story!


I have to say that this is really not what I expected.  Yeah, I suppose this plot comes under fantasy genre..but, not this unexpected type.

Okay, this is the plot.  Victoria aka Vicky and Tommy were happily married with a 4-year old infant.  Some cruel war circumstances lead to the death of this beautiful family.  Tommy pass on to the next level, but was interrupted by a demon.  The demon makes a bargain with Tommy.  The deal was that the demon would let Vicky and their son to pass to heaven in exchange of his soul.  Tommy, who loves his family more than life itself, accepts the bargain and was cast to Hell.  Will the family ever be united again, when the greater power is trying to keep them separate?

This was a surprisingly good one.  Almost good characters and a nice plot gave me some interest towards this read.  But, the main problem is the writing.  Dialogues lack continuity and that felt a major disturbance to the reading.

Nice attempt!

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  1. Sounds a bit strange haha .. but still an interesting read...



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