Monday, 1 October 2012

Stop The Madness From A Dog's Point of View

- Guest Post by Martha Steward

In the beginning, my mother was a young pup, her owners did not think about spaying her until it was too late. I am not sure who my father was, story has it he jumped the fence cause my mom was a sweet young girl and he was a bit older than her.

My puppy-hood, was not good, after my litter mates and I were old enough, my owners sold us or gave  to people who really were not suitable to take care of a puppy. The family that picked me, placed me in the back yard. I was left alone with no real sense of being needed, so I started digging and chewing on everything. The new master's at the time blamed me and hurt me for the damage I caused. I just thought it kept me amused, I had no intentions of causing problems. I was just a puppy needing love, guidance and a good chewy toy. Well, the next thing I knew I was in a cage at the local pound. I might have been about 4 months old. I was so scared and afraid. I watched daily the other dogs coming and going, some did not return at all.

A few days maybe a week, I was picked up and placed in foster care. I had a vet visit one day, and when I woke up I felt different, the Veterinarian had neutered me.  You know over the years I felt good about the surgery. I was not looking for problems. Life was easier for me.

My foster parents, where nice people and I was feed and taught to sit, stay and come. I learned to play with humans. I learned in a kind way not to dig or chew. The foster parents provided a chew toy so my teeth stayed clean. However, I never felt I was home. About every two weeks or so, I would go to an adoption event. Placed in a crate through out the car ride, then at the event waiting for strangers to visit with me. Only to return back to the house. Months went by, and Christmas was coming. My Christmas wish, a family maybe with a young boy would provide me with a forever home.

Well to sum up my life here is my Book Trailer Video clip,

A Note from the Author: 

Darby's Story is a tender unfolding story, to encourage families to adopt rescues. Mom's Choice Awards honored Darby's Story in 2010 for a Silver in Animal and Pet Care. I am jubilate MCA recognizes Darby's Story to assist families in adopting animals.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting "Encouraging pet adoption through the pages".
    In celebration, October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month",I am so honored to share Darby's young life prior to being adopted. I hope your readers have enjoyed the article.


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