Monday, 28 November 2011


Nice modern-day retelling of "Beauty and the Beast".

Kyle a.k.a. Adrian has the misfortune to turn into a beast, due to the beastly (cruel, selfish, ..) ways, he behaves to others. The transformation does not take place in his body and face alone, but it also leads to his character transformation. Slowly, he learns to love and care, which leads him to his love to Lindy.

In some places, Adrian is pathetic. But, I think turning into a beast 'forever' can make anyone pathetic. Some quotes are

Ending was awesome. And of course, it will be awesome, as its all about TRUE LOVE and HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

I was hoping for a light read and this book gave me that. Although I didn't expect much from this book, I had fun while reading this book. If you are into fairy-tale retellings or romance, this book is for you.

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