Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Sweetest Thing (Lucky Harbor #2)


The Lucky Harbor's second book - "The Sweetest Thing" - is as sweet as its title. Its about Tara, the Steel Magnolia. Tara is very stubborn, bossy and caring at the same time. She keeps worrying about her sisters, her past and everything that's around her.

Tara's past mistakes never allows her to trust again. But everything changes when she meets Ford (**sighs**), the sexy and talented Lucky Harbor medal-winning sailor, who is the center of everything in her haunting past and for whom she is still attracted to. Their attraction is mutual. Ford, an easy-going (and yeah, sexy) guy, was always failing in the try to be away from Tara.

While they are working on their own issues, their past comes in flesh and bone, and calls them Mom and Dad. And Tara has one more thing in her list to work on and worry about..her relationship with her daughter, who seems to not like her, but adores Ford.

We see Maddie with Jax again. We also see the start of Chloe's story in this book.

Well, I think I gave something for you guys to think about, if you have not read this book yet.

There are no flaws, I see in this book. Tara and Ford are just AMAZING! "The Sweetest Thing" was funny, romantic and sexy as hell, with every ingredient needed for a romance book.


The first book of the series is Simply Irresistible.  Although the series follows a certain order, its not exactly continuous.  The series is about the three sisters, who come to Lucky Harbor, their mother's place, with various problems and at last, find sanctuary in Lucky Harbor.

The first book is about Maddie, second is for Tara and the third book, which recently got released is "Head Over Heels", which is about her third sister.

So, if you grab this book, you can simply start with this one, without missing anything.

Some quotes from the book, I liked:

"Never do anything that you don't want to have to explain to 9-1-1 personnel."

"Experience is what you get when you didn't know what you wanted."

"A conclusion is the place you get to when you're tired of thinking."

"It's frustrating when you know all the answers, but nobody bothers to ask you the questions."

"If it's going to be two against one, make sure you aren't the one."

"Accept that some days you're the bug, and some days you're going to be the windshield."




1.  Simply Irresistible
2.  The Sweetest Thing
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4.  Lucky In Love - Read review here
5.  At Last - Read review here
6.  Forever and a Day - Read review here
6.5. Under the MistleToe - Read review here
7.  It Had To Be You - Expected publication: May 28th 2013

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