Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review Policy and Request

I am no longer accepting review requests.  Except if you already know me, contact me via the email that we already communicated with.

If you are a publisher or an author and would like me to review one of your books, please read the following.

Please understand that not every request will be accepted.  If I wish to accept to review, you will receive a mail from me within a month.  And please understand that unless it's an ARC, I will read your novel only at my pace and time. 

If you are requesting for a review of a series, then please upload the first book alone.  Mention the information about the others books in the series in "Additional Information" column in the below form.

All ratings and reviews are my own honest opinion, and authors should not interfere in any of those reviews/ratings.  If the author do interfere, he/she will be blacklisted.

My review will be posted on this blog as well as on Goodreads. I can post on additional sites upon request (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, LibraryThing and Smashwords (if requested)).

Although I am not interested in doing certain reviews, I will be happy to host the authors with interviews, guest posts and giveaways, which may help their promotions.


I accept review copies only from the genres in the review request form below.  

I strictly do not read any books that fall under the category of non-fiction or poetry.


I accept both physical as well as e-copies (mobi/prc format).  Please upload your e-book in the below form.  And if you wish to review me your physical copy,  please know that I am in India and postal charges may be higher, unless you are delivering me by "Book Depository".


1 star  - I give up.  I cannot read this book any further that I hated this book so much or its not for me.
2 stars - I didn't like it much.  I didn't hate it either.  It is just so boring or had so many flaws.
3 stars - I enjoyed this book, but still something is lacking to make it memorable.
4 stars - I enjoyed this book a lot and also, will recommend it.
5 stars - Fantastic.  I absolutely loved the book. It blew me away and evoked a lot of thought, excitement and/or emotion. I will remember this book for a long time.

*Note:  If I was not able to finish a book - which is almost the only time it gets a 1-star - the review will not be posted on the blog. However it will be on Goodreads to state my reasons why I could not finish.


I am currently the auto-approved reviewer for the below publishers.
  • Grand Central Publishing
  • Harlequiin Teen
  • Dundum
I am already in the reviewer list for the following publishers:
- Rhemalda Publishing
- Cedar Fort Publishing
- JKS Communications
- Centrinian Publishing
- Hydra Publications

Note: Uploading/sending the book does not guarantee a review.

Please fill the review request form below, if you are interested to be hosted in my blog.

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