Friday, 9 March 2012

Review Copy Cleanup #2: Cuddle Up With a Book

The goal of the Cuddle Up With a Book Challenge is to share your favorite place to read. We love pictures - but if that's not possible, a description will do too (: Tell us why you love it! And maybe you have some reading habits you would love to share. Do you listen to music while reading? Or can you only read during the night? We're very curious to see our fellow bookworms' reading spots and read about their customs!

There is no favorite reading spot for me..anywhere peaceful and pleasant is good.  But, my usual reading spot is in my home, a chair near the computer and a window (where I can see our mango tree and squirrels screeching :)).  Usually my younger brother will be doing his school works in the same room, so we used to chat for an infinite amount of time.  If the book is interesting or he has some tests/exams the next day in school, we try to shut up and read.  So, I think that makes my favorite reading spot.

And other places are in buses, while I travel home from office.  This is definitely not my favorite, because our buses in India are definitely not made for comfort. :)  If there is enough light for reading in bus and the book I am reading is very interesting, only then I will take my Kindle out in bus.

I don't have the habit of listening to music or doing any other things while the novel is interesting.  And I like reading at night, because it will be so peaceful when everyone else is asleep and I can finish the entire novel at a stretch, if I want to.

So, those are my reading spots and habits.  What is yours? :)

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