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Review & Giveaway: Generation by William Knight (VOTE FOR ME!)


Original Title: Generation
Author: William Knight
Publisher: Standing Hare
Publication Date: October 22nd 2011
Genre: Horror, Crime


Journalist Hendrix ‘Aitch’ Harrison links bodies stolen from a renowned forensic research enclosure to an influential drug company specialising in genetic modification.

Assisted by Sarah Wallace, a determined and beguiling forensic entomologist, he delves into a grisly world of clinical trials and a viral treatment beyond imagination.

But Aitch must battle more than his fear of technology to expose the macabre fate of the drugged bodies donated to scientific research.


"G"ripping!  Well, this is one of those first times for me, with the crime and horror novel combination.  And it pretty much had thrown me out of my shell.  From the start to the end, this novel had my undivided attention..and to that, both the writing and plot are the main reasons.  It's not only scary, but also a information mine.

"E"ngaging plot!  Hendrix Harrison (like his name! :)) is a journalist working for "Strange Phenomena", who is searching for some new article.  He stumbles upon ghost sightings in some places and tries to get more information on that.  But, what he doesn't know is that he was in danger of exposing an influential drug company of its invention gone wrong..wrong, in the sense, so so badly.  Sarah Wallace, a young and sexy forensic entomologist, finds that one of her dead bodies, donated to science, is missing.  Police is involved. Her forensic research on the body was so wrong..she gets aware of the fact that this is no normal test.

"N"o-nonsense hero and heroine!  Both Hendrix and Sarah's characters are portrayed in a great way, although in different fields.  They are both brave and great in their own jobs.  Hendrix relationship with his friends were as good as Sarah's relationship with her students.  Its both two different fields - journalism and science.  But, when Sarah stood up to solve the case against her management's decision, it showed her confidence (of course, she got thrown out from her job after that, but that's beside the point, right? :)) in her area of expertise.  And Hendrix was hunted for murder, thrown out of job and threatened, and still he tries to solve the mystery.  There is a reason these characters will be adored by the readers.

"E"ffective new area - Forensic science!  I am not interested in medicine, but I have seen National Geographic Channel, and I was so much interested in seeing what these people do.  So, when Sarah Wallace started saying about some of the facts and suspicions, it was so entertaining that I felt like I am seeing the channel.  Its a difficult area, what with knowing about multiple fields with excellence in all of them. The readers can definitely know much about their life here.

"R"iveting Research!  One thing I thought was amazing, so amazing, is the research done by the author for this book.  Journalism, Drugs, Medicine, Entomology, Technology - so many fields covered with great care and it worked out.  As the author himself is a journalist, I am not surprised by how well he brought out the character of Hendrix.  But, other fields - its just amazing that the author has done such a detailed research and presented in a gripping way to the readers.

"A"ction-packed!  Towards the middle of this book, this book gets filled with action.  Chasing the bad guys, finding the mystery and solving it, with policemen pointing their guns at their heads, is well more than what I wanted for action.

"T"hriller at its maximum!  You have got to trust me on this, because I was up until 1 o'clock last night to finish this book, and I was not the least bit tired until I had completed this was that good.  I was clutching my Kindle so close, like if I get a closer look, I would find the mystery myself and may save many of them. :)

"I"nteresting and engrossing to the end!  I have made that point very clear, I suppose.

"O"pposite poles attract!  Hendrix is not good with technology, one who doesn't even know to tweet from his mobile.  Sarah is, you know, a geek.  When these two are attracted, we know what will happen - sparks fly.  I am not surprised by this..actually, it was comic when I thought how this will work out in the future for this couple.

"N"ot a zombie, its worse!  Yes, exactly my point..this book shows creatures worse than zombie.  I don't feel sorry for least they can take care of themselves.  But, these creatures are like coma patients..dead, but alive.  I think enough of all the spoilers, you will have to read it to find out more.  Although one more thing - you see the cover?  I was sympathetic towards them, until I saw the cover again..well, its a horror novel, what do you expect?

"GENERATION": This is a perfect 5-star novel, that will amaze the readers at all ages.  But, as some adult scenes are involved, ages above 16 would find this novel to be great!

G + E + N + E + R + A + T + I + O + N = GENERATION
where each variables in this equation are explained above.

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William Knight is a British born journalist and technologist currently living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. He's chased a varying career starting in acting, progressing to music, enjoyed a brief flirtation with handbag manufacturing and was eventually wired into technology where he's been since 1989. In 2003 he published his first feature in Computing magazine and has since written about the many successes and failings of high-tech for the Guardian, Financial Times and the BBC among many others publications. He continues to maintain a lively IT consultancy. Connect with William on his website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or GoodReads.


  1. wow Vidya! You make this cound like a terrific novel. I did find a few issues with the book and rated it only 3 stars. Good to see a different perspective.

    1. Well, tastes differ from person to person..but, it felt to me like watching mystery episode in television and I am so into those forensic research things. :-)

  2. That cover looks so scary! I love your review and want to read this book. I love thrilling, gripping reads.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. Scary cover! I love how you did your review, very interesting!

  4. Great review, Vidya! I love it when bloggers enjoy the tour books this much. That makes it a win-win-win. I'm sure the author will be thrilled with your wonderful acrostic review. Well done!

    When you have a moment would you mind cross-posting to Amazon and GoodReads? Please and thank you :-D


    1. Oh, yeah, sure thing! And thanks Emlyn! :)

  5. Thanks, Vidya. Loved this review (as you might expect) and really enjoyed your treatment of the title. (what did Emlyn say? "acrostic" -- that's a word too far for me!)

  6. Haha I love the whole G-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N review! :P

  7. I enjoyed the review. The book sounds good.


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