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Review & Giveaway: The Outbreak (Zombie Love #1)

Original Title: The Outbreak
Series: Zombie Love #1
Author: Eric J. Sabolik
Publisher: Jericho Publishing
Published Date: August 8th 2011
Genre: Horror, Romance


Zombie Love is the story of a widespread virus, in a way that has never been done before. As people lose loved ones, some decide that sometimes the people you love are the only ones worth fighting for. As factions form, and the world crumbles, people must choose sides. Help or destroy. When a virus is developed as the ultimate cure all by reversing death itself, the world is plunged into a crisis of faith, dedication, and love. In book one we meet Summer Strom, a normal high school teenager who is thrown cruelly into a set of circumstances that nobody should have to deal with. She has to fight back against everybody she knows as she battles for the only thing worth fighting for. Love.


*** This book is provided by the author for review purposes ***

What will you do, if the love of your life is now a zombie and don't even remember you?  Will you still like to be with him or kill him for the sake of others?  I know this is very difficult to ask and much more difficult to answer.  The author of Zombie Love has answered in his own way to these questions.

Daniel and Summer, two teens from the same neighborhood are attracted towards each other for a long time, but never came out with it directly.  But, at last when they shared their first kiss, Daniel was attacked by another zombie and now was turning himself into a zombie.  Summer's decision was the key to this novel's plot..so, I am not going to include that surprise (or is it shock?) for you.

The zombie here is not a fantasy character, got up from the dead by some black magic or something.  Its a virus, that was gone uncontrolled by a scientist.  Although I enjoyed some of the scenes in the book, and the overall thrill the book offered, I felt that the characters are not deep and well-developed to get involved in the book entirely.

Summer and Daniel's love was not shown to be so deep in the novel, to know whether Summer's decision is made of desperation or foolishness.  But overall, I enjoyed the book and I can understand Summer's desperation to protect Daniel.  But there is not much anyone can do for Summer or Daniel and towards the end of the book, I was really over the edge to know, how all of this will end.  Will there ever be a happy ending for Summer and Daniel?  I hope the next book in the series answers.

Fast-paced novel..recommended for not-so-mature zombie lovers!


There are many different views about this cover.  Some of my blogging friends said its cute, some said its scary and some creepy.  I think I have to go for creepy. :)  But, after reading the novel, I think instead of zombie holding the girl, it should be the other way around.  Because that's what the entire book is about.. - Summer holding on to her love, Daniel.



Now, for the most amazing part:  The author of this zombie romance novel, Eric J. Sabolik is giving away e-book copies of his book to TWO of our winners.  Enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win! Open INTERNATIONALLY!  Spread the word and thanks a lot for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the lack of character development. I prefer books with good characters vs. just a lot of action, but, because of my love of zombies, I will still read this book! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  2. I love Zombie books and have had this on my tbr for awhile.

  3. I think the cover is kind of freaky! I love zombies though.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


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