Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review: Finding My Escape

Original Title: Finding My Escape
Series: Finding My Escape #1
Author: Fran Veal
Publisher: Smashwords
Published Date: April 13th 2011
Genre: Paranormal, Thriller, Murder Mystery


Hannah Jordan's life is shattered when she walks in on the double homicide of her parents. Transplanted from Atlanta to a small town in East Tennessee, she finds her solace in running the beautiful mountain trails behind her aunt’s house. Until she begins dreaming of the mysterious, but handsome Josh, that is.

As Hannah is tortured by memories of the night her parents died, she is disturbed by the idea that she may be forgetting something important. Aided by her best friend, Matt, she begins to uncover clues indicating that what she had believed was a simple home invasion was actually something much more sinister. And the killer is still out there.

Finding My Escape is a teen novel mixing romance with suspense and a twist of the paranormal.


Hannah Jordan, a teenage girl, sees her parents murdered in her home when she is back from her friend, Matt's home.  Then, someone hits her in the head and she goes unconscious.  Hannah is in trauma and she tries to forget the incidents that happened to her parents.  But, all she gets is nightmares with her dead parents.  Hannah goes and lives with her aunt, and soon starts school there.  Her best friend, Matt, also joins her in this new school to give support to Hannah.

While she deals with her real life, she also finds herself in another dimension called Valeria, in her dreams.  There, she finds Josh, one who is perfect model-like boy.  She tries to find more about Valeria and her parents' killer is searching for her in Valeria and in real life.  Hannah's life is in more dangerous in her dreams too.

This book is well-written, well-thought-out thriller, with some paranormal elements splattered across the pages.  It was a fast read for me and I really enjoyed the way the author has presented it.  I loved both Josh and Matt and Hannah's feelings towards both of them are explained without any awkwardness.  Thanks to that!  (I hate awkwardness in love triangles :) )

While I got confused towards the end, the other parts of the book are perfect.  I hope that confusion gets solved in the next installments of the series.


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  1. Thanks for the review, Vidya! Busy working on the sequel!


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