Sunday, 11 December 2011

Head Over Heels (Lucky Harbor #3)

First, thanks to the Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for providing the ARC of "Head Over Heels".

Head Over Heels is the third installment of the Lucky Harbor series and is full of fun and romance in the air.  I am a fan of the author, Jill Shavis, and maybe, if you think that I am biased with this review, you have to read the book yourself to agree on what I am saying.

This installment is about Chloe - THE WILD ONE - the youngest of the three sisters and the only one, who grew up with her nomadic and free-spirited mother, Phoebe Traeger.  When her mother dies, Chloe tries to resist the bonding with her sisters, but their love and care are very different from what she got her whole life from her mother or anyone else.  She feels they are the anchor, that holds to her life.

Chloe, though as free-spirited and wild as her mother, is also kind and wishes to change to make her sisters accept her.  In short, she tries to be a grown-up.  In spite of all her ways of escapades from a settle-down life, she finds herself falling for the hot Sheriff in town, Sawyer Thompson.  Sawyer is the opposite of Chloe in all ways.  While Chloe always find some way to step out of the line, Sawyer is the follower of rules.  Their friction from the start, although seem to started as just fun and teasing with words, soon, they find themselves seeing hope and love in each other.

When the couple is afraid to admit and realize their love towards each other, in spite of their mutual attraction and increased bonding, Chloe tries to avoid the Sheriff and tries to become responsible and helps with the works in B&B (the inn, the sisters started together).  She also contributes to the inn by starting a day spa, which she is really good at.

Soon, they find that whatever they tried, they can't be without each other.  And when that realization hits, they find themselves in a series of life-and-death situation and the rest is history.

And I definitely have to tell about the Magic 8 Ball App.  I actually installed it, while reading this book and is now in a habit of asking questions to it and sitting desperately waiting for an answer.  :-)

The Lucky Harbor series is one of my favorite contemporary series and Jill Shavis has definitely done it..again.  Chloe is a kind of person, where everyone wishes they had a friend like her.  Its a fun weekend read and definitely entertaining.  Just give some Jill Shavis book and throw me in an empty room and will definitely survive for a entire day without food. ;-)




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Some favorite quotes from this book:

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."
"Why was man created before woman?  Because you always need a rough draft before the final copy."

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