Saturday, 24 December 2011

Review: Toby the Trout

Original Title: Toby the Trout
Author: Joyce Mitchell
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published Date: November 25th, 2011
Genre: Children

Toby, the Trout, is a children's book which gives the readers some moral and life values to mull about.

Toby and Gus are two trouts in the same water, who are best friends.  Toby keeps on annoying and badgering Gus, reason..because that's the way he is.  Gus, although wanting to kick Toby for being so annoying, always advises him to change his ways, which, obviously, Toby ignores.  Soon, the friends learn their own life lessons in Toby's deathbed - well, not literally, which the author puts in a delicate way for kids.

Although the writing is simple and smooth for kids, there are places where you can't simply believe without the Fountain of Youth.  Its good that kids should learn to trust.  But I think, there is a difference between trying hard and solving your problems, and believing in fantasy for your problems. I agree, at one point, most of us believe in miracles to happen.  But the reality is miracles don't just lie around for you to take.  I am a huge fantasy lover, so I know how it feels to believe those things..but all I am saying is, there must be a reason or some story that makes you believe.  I have only this one small thing hindering my read, but otherwise this will make a good children's book.

I felt this book to be soft, light and no pressure pressure at all.  Although it will take only few minutes to finish the 40 page book, I felt at ease with the characters and the book.  Overall, a good children's book.

Some Quotes:

"Life is great, just the way it is."
"Never give up when things seem like there's no answer, I tell you, your fountain may be just a waterfall away."


  1. Linked to my blog interview of the author.

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