Saturday, 17 December 2011

Z 2 A

Original Title: Z 2 A
Author: Eva Dillner
Publisher: Divine Design
Published Date: March 1, 2011
Genre: Philosophy, Self-help, Inspirational

Z2A - the space in between - okay, let's first see a gist of what Eva Dillner means.  To understand the to-be mentioned lines, you need to know the situation.  The situation described in the book is she is travelling in an incredibly thick Delhi (India) morning fog.  Now, let's see the concept of the books in 2 simple lines.

"As I ponder in awe, I'm struck by how Z2A this journey is.  We keep edging forward, trusting that with every movement, we will be guided to the next."

So, this is all this book is about - positive attitudes, instinctive actions, using right energy.  Eva Dillner travels to a lot of places, meets a lot of people and does a lot of things.  And she gives that experience with her inner emotions combined, during that time in Z 2 A.

The author explains the things in the book is inspiring.  We all know that if you are going to be always thinking positive, we will feel some kind of confident energy in us.  You will find this book to contain a lot of energy and those positive things.

"Does this make you uncomfortable?  The very idea of just doing it for the sake of doing it, without knowing where the path may take you?  I perceive that to be a common stumbling block."
"Do you think JK Rowling had any idea her Harry Potter would be so successful?  No.  But she wrote it anyway.  The story was there for her to write and she followed through on that impulse.  She did the experience and trusted the universe."
"It doesn't matter if you go whole hog or nibble, just DO IT!"

See what I mean now, when I said it was full of positive things?

She was one of the fifteen Swedish artists selected for the Tellus Art project in India in 2010 and this book, contains so many of her paintings interposed, helping her readers relate with her thoughts.  There are 60 of her original drawings in the book.  The author speaks about hypnotherapy (Eva Dillner is a Certified Hypnotherapist) and yoga.

There is a chapter named "In this moment" in the book.  Here are some words for you, from that topic, and which I liked the most.

"Three simple questions:
- In this moment, do you have food to eat?
- In this moment, do you have a roof over your head?
- In this moment, do you have clothes on your back?
We were OK.  The answer to all of the above was YES.  In this moment I am OK.  That is all you need to know."

In these days of mounting pressure, where many of us are prompted to ask the question - What shall I do with my life? - this book will act as a support and guide to them.  The book may or may not resonate with all of us, but it surely has something to offer to everyone.

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  1. I have attempted two books till date and one of them happens to be a self help book "I'm OK. You're OK" by Thomas A.Harris..Though that book injects the much needed confidence into us, it does need some lateral thinking in order to extract the core idea (sort of vague book)....I am not belittling it here...

    Taking your words, I feel this is one such book which suits audiences like me a lot...Would en-queue it in my to-read list :)


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