Thursday, 31 October 2013

Feature & Follow #34: Books I am embarrassed to admit I loved?

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What book are you embarrassed to admit you LOVED? (try to think beyond Twilight).


I very rarely read LGBT for review purposes.  But, I am still not comfortable with sharing or sometimes reading them.  It's a tough decision for me, when I accept them.  I get from authors, only whom I have in my trusted list and who can give those type of romances in a non-embarrassing way.  One on top of the list is Rhiannon Frater.

So, what is your answer?

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  1. That's very understandable. I don't come out and randomly tell people I read romance either.

    My FF @ Buried Under Romance

    Following you via twitter @buriedromance, Facebook, and Google+ :)

  2. For me I don't really have a problem telling people about the genre I read... but I don't go right out and say it. I just say I read books... and then people usually ask me what I am reading right now and I'll tell them.

    Angela's Anxious Life

  3. I read so much, everyone knows it's romance and I don't bother hiding it haha!

    New follower via GFC! My FF @ A Novel Idea by Chrissy T

  4. Thanks for sharing!
    New follower via GFC, fb and twitter
    Here is our FF

  5. When I accept a review request I ask them first,is there a romance in there? If they tell yes and looking by the description I accept most of them. Also I like to read lgbt but first it's so uncomfortable,I agree. Even though I'm not lesbian my first lgbt book is Annie on my mind by Nancy ( I forgot the last name). So it was lovely. There's a friendship thru romance. And most ─▒mportant thing I was want to read because it was banned book. Anyway, mostly I rad MM romance. But that's okay being uncomfortable. :) Thanks for sharing with us.
    Old Follower
    Cagla @Booker Like a Hooker

  6. I'm only embarrassed of romance types if I'm talking to my family. Otherwise I couldn't care less what anyone thinks. I picked 2 children's series for mine because people look at me strange when I gush over them. My Feature

    New follower via Twitter. :)

  7. I've never read any LGBT but its something I am open to. Hope you find a few you love!

    New GFC follower :)
    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

  8. Hopping through. I haven't read much LGBT either. I get what you mean about being uncomfortable. I am too and I'm also uncomfortable about the fact that I'm uncomfortable about it.
    My FF

  9. I've never read any LGBT literature, though there are a few books that have been suggested that sound pretty good. I'm not sure how I would feel about telling people my thoughts on them.

    Tina @ Pages of Comfort
    My FF

  10. Good answer. I don't read any LGBT, just cause it doesn't interest me. Have a great weekend!

    ~Pam @ Moonlight Reader

  11. I have to admit that I don't get embarrassed by what I read, if I love it then I love it! Sometimes covers embarrass me though. New GFC follower. My FFF.

  12. Totally understandable! When I love a book, I just come out and say it. Haha, it's a little blunt, but effective!
    Love your blog!
    New follower :)

    ~ Shayenne


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