Friday, 25 October 2013

Mike Hartner – Why Book Covers are So Important

Book Covers are very important.  Whether it is physical book covers for placement in stores, or e-book cover graphics for online sales, like Amazon and Goodreads, and kobo and iTunes, a cover is the first thing your customer will see.  A $20 cover, created by you, or picked from one of the templates, may work in rare cases, but don’t bet on it.  My cover (“I, Walter”) was created by a graphical artist.  Within minutes of seeing it, I knew that I liked it.  It has since been favorable commented on by editors, customers, friends, and mentors alike.  Everyone is impressed with the cover.  And it contains elements of the story.  I, Walter is an historical fiction / romance / adventure that includes a girl, a pirate ship, and coats-of-arms.  All of these are on the cover, including a rose to signify the romance with the girl.  The graphic artist did a spectacular job on the cover, and it shows.  And everyone who has seen this cover has commented on it by telling me that they think it’s gorgeous.
Covers are the first thing the public sees.  If the cover is drab, the concern is that the writing will be as well.  Is it justified? Probably not.  But put your best forward.  You’ve already spent a lot of time making your manuscript the best it can be… Why not do the same with the cover?
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