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Guest Post & Gift Card Giveaway: Flesh and Feathers (The Flesh Series #1)

Original Title: Flesh and Feathers
Series: The Flesh Series #1
Author: April Fifer, Danielle Hylton-Outland
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Published Date: March 31st 2012
Genre: Fantasy


Azaleigh’s life was simple. Then she meets Kale and Gage, two very different and charming men – one she loves and the other she cannot live without. As she struggles with her feelings towards them both, she begins to realize they are hiding a secret – and to her surprise they are not the only ones. Soon after, Azaleigh finds herself running for her life from a bounty hunter that is far from human, and with every narrow escape, she begins to unlock the secret that will change her life forever. In a world of good and evil, angel and fallen, Azaleigh must choose between fate or the one she loves. What do you do when hell won’t let you win and evil just won’t die?

            “Aren’t you coming in?” I asked. He just stood there, not saying a word.

“Is that a, No?” I asked, not hiding my frustration.

“I have somewhere to be,” he said with that stupid matter-of-fact voice again

That’s all it took. I lost my cool… or something like that. “You know what? I don’t get you. You act like I can’t walk myself home from work because I need protecting. You take me out acting like I’m your girlfriend and the only person you can think about…. Then you come here and… do what you do–you know what I’m talking about. (I was thinking of how to say make me want to have sex with you, but that would have been blunt and pathetic). And now you act like this and like you did last night. You know what? Fine! If that’s how it’s going to be, then leave.” (I am sure that didn’t come out any better.) I followed up by slamming the door in his face.  

I laid my back against the door and butted my head against it a few times. Then I thought about how that was the most ridiculous overreaction I had ever seen done by anyone.

My instinct was to look through the peephole to see if he was still there. Sure enough, he was and with the same expression on his face. I calmly opened the door, which made a creaking sound at the slow pace. Staring at the floor, I cleared my throat and began to speak. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long day. I was out of line and… um… I didn’t mean anything I just said… or screamed.”



April’s List
Top 5 fav movies

1) Two Week’s Notice – I love Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, and to have them together was amazing!
2) Footloose – It’s a classic! I love Kevin Bacon and when this came out, it was considered bass-ass. LOL.
3) Twilight – Hellllooooo, Robert Pattinson! That’s all I gotta say.
4) Fright Night – The original and new one because they were both incredible and Jerry Dandridge’s character was so intense.
5) Cool As Ice – Shhhh… don’t tell anyone, I have a major crush on Vanilla Ice. LOL.

Top 5 fav books

1) Hush Hush – Patch is the hottest thing ever when he turns his baseball cap backwards.
2) Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor – because it was totally awesome that he wrote a book and because he was so insanely brilliant and scary at the same time.
3) Eclipse – This is where I actually fell in love with Jacob.
4) My Avenging Angel – because it had to be one of the hottest erotica’s I’ve read that was sweet at the same time.
5) Water for Elephants – because Sara Gruen is completely brilliant.

Danielle's List

Top 5 fav movies

1) Pride and Prejudice- because who can live without Mr. Darsey
2) Remember Me- 911 impacted everyone and I thought the writers delivered the heartache everyone felt in the movie.
3) The Princess Bride- Classic love story
4) The Sweetest Thing- Great chick-flick
5) My Best Friend’s Wedding- Any movie with Julia Roberts, I love.

Top 5 fav books

1) Pride and Prejudice- because who can live without Mr. Darsey
2) Hush Hush – Yum! Love some YA.
3) Stone Soup – It’s a must have!
4) The Help – Loved the writing and blunt truth.
5) Twilight- I loved the chemestry between Bella and Jacob


Danielle Hylton-Outland was raised in Virginia. She grew up having a huge appetite for daydreaming; always wanting to live in the spectacular worlds she created in her mind. She now lives with her husband and dog where she is pursuing a degree in literature. Danielle is a strong animal activist. She is currently co-writing the second book in The Flesh Series, "Flesh and Flames".

April Fifer grew up in a small town in Virginia, where it was common practice believing that dreams could only be found in stories. At the age of seven she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She was told that she would struggle through life and would never pick up a book to read for pleasure. Although school was hard, she was able to find her way with the help of two teachers who taught her self-discovery. Ignoring what she was taught growing up, she turned it around and found that your dreams could become stories.!/FiferHylton


The authors will be giving away an autographed bookmark and $5 Amazon GC to one commenter at every stop, and one $15 and one $25 gift certificate to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour.


  1. I would love to win this, and the fact that April the author has Dyslexia and she kept reaching for the stars is wonderful. My son has a learning disability and I tell him reach for the stars! Discover your dreams. Awesome can't wait! Hope to win! Thanks

  2. Great excerpt! I like both of your lists.


  3. Wonderful excerpt. I'd love to win this book.
    Loved the authors lists of faves.


  4. It was really interesting to read their fave list!

  5. Loved the snippet from the book! And The Princess Bride is one of my top fave movies as well. :)

  6. Great excerpt! And I love Two Week's Notice!!

  7. Sounds like a really cool book, I love the concept! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  8. It's very interesting to see which books & movies others love. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of my favorites too - book & Miniseries.

    I did enjoy the excerpt thank you.


  9. Great guest post! Thanks!

  10. I like Hush Hush too.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Thank you for hosting April and Danielle!

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  13. The book the flesh and the feathers sounds like a very interesting book. Followed the blog via gfc, liked the fb page and following on twitter.

  14. Thanks for having us today and for all the great comments. Krista - Thanks so much for the sweet words. And that's awesome to keep encouraging your son :-)

  15. Loved the excerpt!! I'm also a fan of Twilight. It really sparked my YA addiction.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  16. I have to agree about Pride and Prejudice, who can live without a Mr Darcy?
    Not that you book doesn't sound awesome as well, at least it doesn't sound like Azaleigh has a lot time to get borred, so that the reader can look forward to some action and adventure. :)


  17. I would love to win. And I have great admiration for her courage to keep going. :)

  18. This is an absolutely beautiful cover! The book is interesting from the start because it was written by two authors. I would like to know how they carried through with their collaboation. Thanks for the chance to win and read this first book in the series!

  19. Pride and prejudice is my all time favorite. I have read it many times.
    I look forward to reading this book. I like the team writing and hope I win!!

  20. My all time favorite is Undercovery blues. However, I can not imagine not loving Pride and Prejudice, the original movie.

  21. Enjoyed the classic Pride and prejudice, too.
    have read some of the writers fav. except
    Stone soup and Twilight.
    will look them up thanks
    great giveaway too.
    adore your colorful wallpaper too'
    dayleb at telus dot net

  22. I haven't read Hush, Hush. It sounds like a "must read." Thanks for your lists of favorites.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  23. My Fav Books as movies = To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre and all of Jane Austen novels.Deb P

  24. Great guest post! I would love to read this!!

  25. You guys are great! We love hearing from you!

  26. The book sounds great! Wonderful interview and excerpt!

  27. This book looks like it has a great plot and characters. :) -laura

  28. Always great to find other Pride and Prejudice fans! Book looks great, too!

  29. I love the excerpt! I still can't understand what do they see in Twilight...
    Disincentive @ (read, watch, listen) - reviews

  30. I love the clip from the book. Can't wait to read the whole thing
    masugr at yahoo dot com

  31. looks like a great book, thanks for posting this.
    pug_ugly [at] msn [dot] com

  32. Thanks for the international giveaway!!


  33. looks great! love the lists.

  34. I might even buy the book, it sounds really good
    thx so much for the giveaway


  35. I'm not too thrilled with April's top 5 favorite movies. LOL. Movie fanatics can get a little weird (and judgmental LOL).

    wowknk at gmail dot com

  36. What a fun post! Thank you for the giveaway! I love the cover on this one. I'm a sucker for a pretty cover. lol!

  37. Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy oh my!


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