Monday, 9 April 2012

Review: No Exit by Julie Harris

Original Title: No Exit
Author: Julie Harris
Published Date: January 5th 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


Sometimes glimpsing the future can be deadly.

US Navy SEAL Kelly Nolan, who commands a small special ops unit, is assigned duty to protect a Presidential candidate during a visit to England. So what has a woman from half the world away seen that makes them seek her out?

Rebecca Miller is an especially gifted psychic. Two years ago she ‘read’ a US Senator’s wife and although Elizabeth Glover’s fears about her husband’s death were real, Rebecca reassured her that measures would be taken to avoid it. She ‘saw’ two of the people protecting him – a Native American and an old flying buddy. And now, ex fighter pilot and Senator John Glover is a viable Presidential candidate, working hard to get the votes, while Rebecca Miller is invited to speak at a paranormal symposium in London.

At Heathrow, she’s not met by the event organizer, but by two men in military uniforms. One of them, Kelly, a Native American, is vaguely familiar. Has she seen him before? Is this handsome guy really talking to me? she wonders. Yes, he is and she’s now in protective custody… She knows this is about that Senator destined to be President. She has no choice but to go with them.

At the airfield, Rebecca refuses to get into the chopper that awaits because she knows she will die if she goes near it. He might be psychic himself, and he might even like her, but Kelly Nolan’s patience is wearing very thin. Then comes a shot from the woods and Rebecca Miller is dead at his feet.

Rebecca, from the other side of life, is given a choice; she may stay, or return to finish what she started.
After Rebecca wakes on a morgue slab and scares the pants off a medic, Kelly gets the call that she’s alive. Even disbelievers call it a miracle, and those who want John Glover dead return to their drawing boards.
Whatever lies in store for the psychic and the SEAL, life will never be the same again for anyone involved, and many lives change. Some for the better.


I feel that some books are not getting the proper attention they deserve.  This is in the top of that list.  No Exit is an amazing novel, which has not reached properly to readers and bloggers.  I hope this review will make at least some of you know that this novel is a page turner and truly, a great work.

Rebecca Miller is a psychic - she sees into people's future and heals the sick.  When, at the age of 5, Rebecca started showing her psychic abilities, her father freaked out, and never again came near her.  Even without father's love and care, Rebecca grew up quite strong and kind to lead her own life.  But, similar to her father, there are people who fear Rebecca and as a result, now, in her twenty-five years, she has no friends (except her secretary, Annie) and never got past the first date.

Two years ago, Rebecca 'read' the future of her client's husband, who was the U.S. Senator.  She suspected that he might be murdered and there might be some betrayal involved.  Because of this 'reading', she was brought forcefully by the Nighthawks to England to help stop that murder.  This is where she meets Kelly Nolan, commander of the Nighthawks, who was drawing her picture from the age of 15, without realizing it.

The love, mystery, action, pain, death and betrayal are portrayed perfectly.  The character developement was what more than what I expected.  Rebecca was one of the best heroines that I know stubborn, so helpful, so caring.  Yeah, she does mistakes, but who doesn't?  Though she is not normal, she doesn't wallow in self-pity..she takes care of life in her own way.  There are no faults I can find with this book..all positives - strong characters, excellent story-telling, intriguing mystery and believable psychic elements.

This is not the first that I read from this author.  I already have read "A Tear of Blood" by her, and I liked that too, well, not this much.  This author really thinks a great story to tell..I am having her on my watch-list.

Highly highly recommended!

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