Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: Superman's Cape by Brian Spangler

Original Title: Superman's Cape
Author: Brian Spangler
Publisher: WrittenByBrian
Published Date: February 2012
Genre: Paranormal


When Sara Connely is asked what life is like today, she answers with the simple words, ‘life goes on.’ The life she and her boys enjoyed the last dozen years is gone. Sara struggles to cope with the death of her husband and doing so with two young boys, and no money, is almost too much to ask.

Life does go on, but when Sara’s oldest boy becomes lost in Croatan National Forest, life comes to a stop.

Twelve-year-old Kyle Connely doesn’t know the woods. He doesn’t know the wildlife. He doesn’t know how to get home. Lost in the wilderness, he faces dangers the likes of which he has never seen. Kyle’s time is running out. A hurricane is looming, and in its path is the coastal forest he is trying to survive.

Jacob Hanson has a gift. An intuition. An insightfulness. And it has helped him find success. But his gift turns into a curse as he becomes an unwilling participant in Kyle's plight.

What Jacob Hanson doesn't know is he also holds the key to Sara’s past and the lifetime she lost with her husband.


Superman's Cape is a emotional novel, with some paranormal elements.

Sara lost her husband six months ago and was coping with her two small boys, Kyle and Jonnie.  Life was difficult for her and her boys, filled with poverty and sadness.  Although Sara tries to get on with life, the behaviour of Kyle, after seeing his father's murder, is bothering her.  Kyle gets mad at her for small things, unable to cope with the trauma.  One day, after such similar incident, he walks off into the forest and soon loses his way.

Jacob, a television weather reporter, can predict weather accurately, based on his instincts, independent of technology.  His abilities to predict doesn't stop there..he can read thoughts, predict game winners, etc.  But, now he gets flashes of something else, and he feels like he should be the one to cover Kyle's incident for his TV.

There are many surprises that are in store for Jacob and Sara, when he reaches there.

First thought, after finishing this book, was, this book is similar to Nicholas Sparks' "The Rescue" to some level.  But, the plight of the family on losing their dad, explained with amazing clarity was what will make this book a success.

The characters are well formed.  Emotions were running high.  The little boy's sufferings to survive in the lost woods for days was just enough to make me sad for a day or two (saying myself, "Get a grip! Its a fictional novel!").

The view of the incidents in the book changes between the characters to explain it better - and it really worked great!

Great emotional read!

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