Monday, 2 April 2012

Review: A Tear of Blood by Julie Harris

Original Title: A Tear of Blood
Author: Julie Harris
Published Date: March 5th 2012
Genre: Paranormal


Fact or fiction? Sometimes it’s a very fine line.

When Charlie Grayson wrote a story about a vampire, she didn’t think it would become a bestseller, nor did she think it would become a movie, especially with Michael Dunne, Hollywood icon, playing her charismatic, troubled vampire, Annarchie.

For Charlie, it’s like a dream come true. During the film shoot, she gets to know Michael Dunne, the star, very well: he is just like the Annarchie she wrote of.

But what Charlie doesn’t realize, until it’s too late, is that Michael Dunne doesn’t have to act in this movie because he IS the vampire she told the world about, and he’s been getting away with murder for centuries.


This novel has a very different plot.  Charlie is the author of a vampire novel, which is now being filmed, starring Hollywood's most popular and handsome man, Michael Dunne.  Michael tells her that the vampire character, she wrote about in the novel, is not fiction, and he is that same vampire.  Charlie thinks he is crazy, at first, but soon finds out what he is.  Michael, who had been waiting for centuries loving (at least what he thinks love is) Charlie, losing her again and again to Death, is trying to make her undead so that he can be with her forever.

In the midst of this, there are bloodless bodies found in the city and Daniel, who is in charge of the case suspects his boss for those murders.  Daniel, who was attracted towards Charlie in a strange way, is also involved in the centuries old love affair of Michael Dunne.

Although this is a love triangle, I am not sure whose side I am.  Whoever I choose, either Charlie will die or worse - live undead.  So, there is no win-win in both the sides.

This book has talent, but some of the real issues were left unsolved.  What happened to the murders and the murderer?  Will this history end..ever?

This is a stand alone novel and so these unsolved things became a disadvantage.  Also, I was confused at Daniel's side of the story.  There could be more explanation for such 'undying' love, rather than mere attraction.

A novel with potential, but with some faults!


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